Autelmfg launched the Autel robotics evo ii 8k EVO II 640T with no no-fly zone restrictions

Autelmfg launched the Autel robotics evo ii 8k EVO II 640T with no no-fly zone restrictions

The autel robotics – evo ii portable 8k drone thermal drone is a very remarkable piece of technology. Additionally, it’s convenient to have an AK because you can crop in. So perhaps you weren’t as near as you thought Now you may crop in and import the result into a 4k timeline. Additionally, your video will maintain the same excellent resolution. And its thermal sensor is an astounding 640512. It is quite little and tiny. Regarding the zoom range of this camera’s zoom lens. In addition to receiving eight k, you also receive sixteen times the zoom range. The autel evo ii dual 640t is a powerful device that contains a great deal of innovative technologies.

“We really loved the Autel EVO II 64t Drone because it is easy to learn and easy to use, with superb picture quality and video capture! We love the fact that it can be preprogrammed to shoot a still or video sequence with multiple cameras, each capturing different options, but the cameras are also interchangeable so any camera can be used by any operator!” Autelmfg customer jacky said.

“The Autel EVO II 640T price is an excellent drone for photography enthusiasts who want to take great shots without investing a lot of money in equipment, We’re not going to charge you an arm and a leg for a camera that you can point and shoot and be ready to go” says CEO of Autelmfg Innovations ALLEN.

The extremely secure Autel robotics evo ii 8k 640t has 360 degrees of obstacle avoidance surrounding it. Comparable to a seat belt or an airbag. The autel drone is outfitted with a variety of sensors around the fuselage, on its top, bottom, behind, and in front. This autel robotics evo ii 8k has obstacle avoidance sensors everywhere you want to look, which is another amazing feature. This will ensure the safety of your drone.And robotics evo ii 8k EVO II 640T has adsv built in, which means it will alert you if an airplane is flying overhead or entering your airspace, requiring you to lower yourself to the ground and bring your drone as low to the ground as possible.

The intelligent controller of the Autel robotics evo ii 8k EVO II 640t is pure gold. And the Autel drone has a 9-inch screen, so you’ll be able to view whatever you want on this large screen without needing to attach your iPhone, iPad, or any other device. This is an extremely useful intelligent controller. You’ve exposed your HDMI port so that you can share it with others. This intelligent controller is indeed the best of the best.

The Autel Robotics EVO II 8K drone review performed very well. Another excellent feature of the EVO II 640t drone is that it may program the drone to fly in a pattern where it will automatically shoot all the required photographs. Then, you may submit these photographs to picks40 extremely quickly and efficiently. Instead of bringing a complete station to the site, you use a drone, launch it into the air, fly your map, and then leave the area. Thus, the mapping capabilities of this drone are extremely useful. Another excellent aspect of this drone is that there is no geo-fencing. With DJI and some other companies, you may have FAA approval to fly somewhere, only to discover that DJI has identified that area as a no-fly zone.

The Autel Robotics Evo II 8K camera gimbal supports both the Sony Alpha cameras like A6000 as well as GoPro Hero 3+. This camera drone comes with two 1/4 inch GPS port to connect to a smartphone either for photography or for the FPV video feed. This is all that is needed to connect an array of HD action cameras and smartphone to the device and it also has HDMI output. Hence, you may connect it with your personal computer too.

Therefore, this is an excellent investment. It’s a fantastic tool for your profession if you’re involved in search and rescue, surveys, or inspections, to name just a few.


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