B2Chat Becomes the Change Agent for Online Commerce Selling in Latin America and Expansion to Other Countries

B2Chat Becomes the Change Agent for Online Commerce Selling in Latin America and Expansion to Other Countries

Multiagent and multichannel support are now the new norm of modern-day communications and business activity

Medellin, Colombia–(Newsfile Corp. – March 3, 2022) – B2Chat is building the most intuitive and robust communication channel to connect with its customers. In this, the company intends to leverage the power of live agents and artificial intelligence-enabled interfaces.

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Pamela Richter, the Cofounder of B2Chat, said, “Communication is the binding pillar for customer service and retention.” She reckons that timely and effective communication forms the basis for rendering quality services. In this regard, the platform shall resolve the perennial whine among the customer community, which is time-consuming and wasteful back-and-forth messaging.

In sharpening the saw of communications, B2Chat implements a multi-chat, multi-agent platform. Using this unified portal, messages coming from the varied avenues get consolidated. These include IMs, social media and webchat. Effectively, a one-stop-shop for engaging in effective communication.

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From left to right: B2Chat Founders: Jaime Gutierrez, Victor Saldarriaga, Pedro Jaramillo, Pamela Richter

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The unique selling proposition is B2Chat provides a series of prebuilt chatbots that integrate seamlessly with the customers’ preferred messaging channel. This serves two purposes. Number one is personalization. Number two – self-service experience for answering FAQs, creating support tickets and launching surveys and questionnaires. Additionally, B2Chat helps companies increase sales by bringing them closer to their customers. It does so by leveraging IMs, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook primarily. The strongest suits for B2Chat are its onboarding, setup, support, infrastructure and system.

Delving deeper, enterprises can fulfill the following:

  • Sell: The timely and effective chatbots reduce delays. In this way, enterprises can stay on top of sales and conversions opportunities.
  • Centralize: Communication now gets redirected to a single place. No longer do companies need to log into each platform.
  • Automate: Be it ratings, answering FAQs, or sending greetings or farewells, the system does it automatically.
  • Optimize: The platform enables enterprises to export advanced performance reports and statistics. The data is streamlined and easy to understand. Corporations can now make well-informed decisions and improve operational strategies. Here, businesses can audit and assess their teams’ performances in real-time.
  • Route: Chats get rerouted to the appropriate departments and personnel. This saves ample time by eliminating the need to transfer calls. And the best part? Enterprises can now monitor and analyze the conversations of all their agents in real-time.
  • Streamline: In this, predetermined messaging helps save valuable time for businesses and customers alike.

Effective communication is the most integral factor in running a business. Businesses do not happen in a vacuum. They occur from resolving customer queries and issues. In this stead, Cofounder and CEO Jamie Gutierrez states, “Your business bottom line is as good as your customer satisfaction levels.” Seamless and uninterrupted communication is the stairway to success. No matter how pronounced the product or service is, if it does not solve the customers’ problems in time, the business will lose goodwill and reputation.

B2Chat thrives upon capturing the most direct point of contact between business and customers. B2Chat is also working on a robust infrastructure that captures data that can get deployed in analytics. This analytical lens of businesses covers areas such as customer discovery, satisfaction assessment, understanding of the customer journey, detection of malice and fraud. And lastly, user experience.

The business objective of B2Chat is to become a holistic and sophisticated communication medium between businesses and brands.

About B2Chat

B2Chat excels in automating sales processes with plug-n play bots. As for specialties, B2Chat renders eCommerce Bots, FAQ Bots, IM, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and SMS Chat. Long story short, B2Chat puts forth a multichannel and omnichannel communication interface for enterprises and customers.

The communication and messaging systems align with the hyper-connected business ecosystem of today. Customers prefer communicating via instant messaging. And that’s where B2Chat delivers by making communications controlled and professional.

Contact Details:
Name: Pamela Richter
Title: Cofounder
Company: B2Chat.io
Email: [email protected]

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