Best Author Winner Akan Takruri, 2022 Award Winner

Best Author Winner Akan Takruri, 2022 Award Winner

NEW YORK, NY, August 21, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — This years Leo Award Winner for best Arthur goes to Arthur Akan Takruri. We judge upcoming books that they have out, new release, and their catalog. Akan Takruri has been writing about everything from history, language anthropology to religion since 2016. Heres his bio on Amazon.

“Akan Takruri is an Author and researcher of African History, Anthropology, Language, and Archaeology. His books focus on educating people of African descent on their lost History. His research uses Anthropology, Language, and Archaeology as evidence backing his research. He collaborates with other researchers around the world to have eyes on the ground. His books are great for Parents wanting to learn their true history, and pass the knowledge on down to their kids.”

Now lets review his upcoming books, new releases and old books

Haesolulyaek The African Bible African Religion by Akan Takturi

5 star rating.

This is a great book for learning African religion, I think it was designed to be the African version of The Holy Bible. I like the way that it is structured with prayers and teachings of the different Gods. It teaches people of African descent how to praise their creator. Praise the creator that looks like them in their image. It is equipped with Akan(Akom) Yoruba(Ifa) Egyptian (Kemetic) religions as the main religions,. Then it offers 20 other religions in the back of the book. So its like if you had all of the main relgions of the world in mini bibles. Its different from the book “100 African Religions before slavery and colonization” In that book you get a list and description of 100 religions. This is a Bible with prayers and all kinds of gems for praising your creator.

Lets do a rundown of the history of religion with Africans from The Diaspora to better understand why a book like this is even needed.

History of African American Religion

This is the reasoning for Akan Takruri to write a book about ancient African religions. Survivors of the center Passage gave new life to sure African themes, characters, and stories within their homes and neighborhoods in the New World, and far of the traditional knowledge of the African diaspora reflects a dynamic combination of African traditions and New World influences. traditional knowledge typically sent non secular worldviews and beliefs whereas relating the additional mundane routines of everyday life-from the means families functioned through the rituals of birth and death, to easy routines of preparation and consumer goods, and therefore the native calendar of celebrations.

A range of artifacts factory-made by bond craftsmen and girls with native materials helped to transmit traditional knowledge through such objects as canoes, trays, combs, stools and ceramics formed for daily use. a number of those crafts and skills, and therefore the objects themselves, survive to the present day. At each flip, traditional knowledge of Africans ANd their descendants within the Americas was crucially designed not just by an African past, however by the advanced ways that African cultures interacted with European and yankee peoples and cultures within the New World.

This was, perhaps, most blatant in language. Phrases, words, and patterns of speech, lived on from African vernacular. In time, however, descendants of African slaves came to talk the native variants of English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch. Similarly, the traditional knowledge that evolved, usually within the adopted language of America, was itself formed by contact with alternative, non-African peoples of America. The wealthy world of folktales—from Bre’r Rabbit and therefore the Uncle Remus stories of the U.S. South (with their links to Native yankee and African folklore), to the Anansi tales of Jamaica, and therefore the bouki stories of Haiti—all used native imaging to form their purpose. Such examples evolved as a traditional knowledge that spoke not solely to the planet of slavery, however offered lessons for existence and survival within the harsh conditions of bondage.

Breakdown of the book

The book starts off strong with explaning what the importance of African religion is. Heres a sample of the intro.

“Theres several theories, however could I add, that almost all of the land around that space at the time was marsh like areas, thanks to the Polar Ice Caps melting. therefore Africans had to pass by papyrus boats 0.5 the time. This was a danger beat itself, as a result of there was no telling what sort of giant snakes, or crocodiles lurked within the waters.

So currently this brings North American nation into wherever the faith comes in. If you’re coping with all of this and attempting to insure a full tribe, wouldnt you would like religion? i believe of it like if you’ve got alittle kid UN agency is terrified of the dark, and thinks its a monster out there able to get them.The only issue that you just need to tell them is to mention a prayer, and therefore the monster wont get them. That went constant approach for early religions. If they were within the jungle looking, some believed that God or their creator was right behind them observance over them. If they looked some time past God would now not shield them, and that they take the chance of obtaining ingested by an oversized animal. If they detected of somebody UN agency went into the woods and had been ingested by a wild animal, they’d tell the folks, that they didnt adjust Gods rules, which was the reasoning for the mishaps happening.

Other religions had laws that were one within the same. for instance, if you committed a criminal offense, you owed the victim tribute, which means you owed that person within the type of some sort of annual offerings that had price, till that person forgave you. If that person didnt forgive you then you’d not have your creator’s protection over you. Then the full entire time that you just area unit within the method of paying tribute, the Creator wouldnt follow you. therefore if a tribe invaded another tribe and lost, it might extremely value them. and they were in concern of their creator not observance over them and a natural disaster, or famine would hit. this technique was carried well into the 1600’s throughout the time of slavery.”

Cultural practices, prayers, folklore and law systems

One thing that I like is that it highlights all of the cultural practices, artifacts, and the culture on the continent of Africa, and across the diaspora. Many of the Caribbean nations continued the religions and continued the development further of the religions. The book merges them together or extends them, and paints them as on African people just in different areas of the planet worshipping the same creator. One of the highlights of the book is the prayers for each religious system. I like this because it makes it like a more traditional bible. Another highlight is the festivals and cultural practices listed, so that people reading the book can participate in the yearly celebrations of each religion.

Law Systems

Akan Takruri is real big on Ancient African Law systems. This book features one for each section. 42 laws of Ma’at for example is what he uses for the Egyptian law system. Its more the 10 commandments then the law set in place for the civilization, but it’s the religious law of order. Akan Takruris reasoning for featuring ancient African Law Systems in his book is to show the order of the ancestor’s and what path African descendants should go. It also digs into the ancient African law system of The Akan and Yoruba


To conclude this book review, I would have to say that this is a breath of fresh air, and anyone of African descent should be proud of the output in this book. Im giving this book a 5 star rating. It’s a great daily worship book, and a great book to look for a source of strength.

Other great books by Akan Takruri

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