BitVito’s global live broadcast: CEO talked about unique “Profit Plus System” with Chief Trading Scientist Professor V

BitVito’s global live broadcast: CEO talked about unique “Profit Plus System” with Chief Trading Scientist Professor V

On 10th March, Hayden Bell, the CEO of the newly rising crypto exchange BitVito, had second interview with Professor V, BitVito’s Chief Trading Scientist. This interview was broadcast live to its global audience in more than 10 countries, including New Zealand, the USA, Britain, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam etc. It was very well received, more than 100 thousands of people has joined this live broadcast.

The interview was mainly related to the products and trading, the unique ‘Profit Plus System’ from BitVito. Hayden clarified the beginnings of the “Profit Plus System”, including its original purpose, its design elements and some of user feedback.

Firstly, Hayden did an introducation on BitVito. BitVito is newly created crypto exchange from a group of internet and finance veterans, which is headquartered in New Zealand and has registered with top-tier countries and jurisdictions. It provides trading services like fiat currencies, crypto spot, futures, and CFDs. Users only need to hold one base currency so they can easily trade global assets, whether it is in traditional finance or in crypto space.

BitVito currently provides services in three languages – English, Chinese and Thai, and in response to the call of the global fans, BitVitowill launch more languages soon, including Vietnamese and Japanese, to help serve the global users.

Then Hayden showcased main features of BitVito’s products.

BitVito has six product features:

1. USDT-M and Coin-M Swaps that work together, plus Cross and Isolated Margin that work concurrently

2. Multiple Mechanisms for Take-Profit and Stop-Loss, Long-Short Switch, and Close All trades

3. 1 Million+ per/sec matching speed, including no Upper Limit for High Performance

4. BitVito are a part of a new era of zero funding rate to reduce transaction costs

5. Billion+ of Reserve Fund — the Lifeline of Safety and Stability

6. Unique VIP Profit Plus System, continuous Profit Plus Profit for the users

Recently, many users on BitVito share images of their profits, they often use “Profit Plus System” and “bonus ratio”. They appear to be making good profits. So, what exactly is the “Profit Plus System”? To provide ultimate trading experience to more users, BitVito has offered a Billion USDT or Tether Coin for bonuses, namely, the “Profit Plus System”.

In short, the “Profit Plus System” has two dimensions, the total net deposit and the total trading volume. When these two values reach a certain number, users will receive a corresponding percentage of bonuses based on the profit of each transaction order. BitVito sets a very low access threshold with a total net deposit of 100USDT so that more users can enjoy the benefits of the “Profit Plus System”.

The VIP System can be seen below:

The Profit Comparison Table shows that BitVito has a higher percentage than other exchanges.

The original purpose of this “Profit Plus System” is that the production team of BitVito comes from top internet companies and traditional finance with rich experience and they want to create a product that is extremely user-friendly and allows users to maximize the utilization of funds for biggest return. To maximize users’ return is to maximize their profits. More often than not, most platforms only occasionally provide such profits by promotions for a certain of period instead of long-term activities.

So to productize this strong demand into a long-term system is one of BitVito’s promises to their users.

Driven by this strong vision, the “Profit Plus System” was born.

The team encountered many problems when designing the system, such as the access threshold, usually exchanges are friendly to “big-money users” but not “small-money users”. However, most beginners start with small investments and they want to try little by little. BitVito wanted to include these users in the “Profit Plus System” and let them share the benefits too, so BitVito lowered the threshold to a very low level. BitVito offers 100USDT deposits as threshold so the users can enjoy the benefits of the “Profit Plus System” and stay isolated from some of the risk beginners face when starting out.

To take beginner traders and investors into full consideration, BitVito had the system divided users into 9 VIP levels with different “profit bonus rates” based on total net deposit ranging from 100USDT to 5 million USDT. Of course these the IT experts have set strict risk control measures to ensure the long-term development of the platform, and ensure that more users enjoy benefits of the “Profit Plus System” in the longer term.

The feedback from users so far about the “Profit Plus System” have shown great support and love. BitVito have done a return visit to a large number of users who had made great profits, and their feedback was that it is the first time they could see clear profit calculation on the order page. BitVito has received screenshots of their trading profits and wonderful messages sharing their joys. Although their assets vary, they all have enjoyed the benefit of the “Profit Plus System” from the very low entry threshold. Satisfied users are the best advocates and obviously they are more than happy to recommend more friends to trade with BitVito.

BitVito is tailored for users and spares no effort to provide a friendly experience, so what other user-friendly features are there on the platform? BitVito has launched an era of zero funding rate and reduced transaction costs while increasing the capital utilization rate for the users. The whole team wants to give the best to all the users.

At present, most exchanges around the world have funding rates … Being a user friendly platform also includes lowering user costs. Lower costs mean higher returns. No funding fees allows users to hold multiple contracts for longer periods similar to spot trading.

Apart from no funding fees, Hayden shared some other advantages of the platform. In addition to the advantages that maximizes the users benefits, like the super high capital utilization rate and extremely low fees, BitVito has also included other advantages that optimizes the user experience. For example, to support high leverage, deep and wide liquidity, low slippage and no loss from liquidation, support hedging mode allowing users to trade both long and short.

BitVito stands out in security with eight key advantages:

– Technology strength and financial strength integration

– Security, stability and overall service

– Up to a Billion of reserve fund

– BitVito are Audited by external institutions for compliance

– BitVito have very high level security protection mechanisms

– Cold and hot wallets separate storage solutions

– 24/7 expert security monitoring

– All-round protection of user assets

Then Hayden and Professor V discussed the problems with crypto exchanges people frequently see in the following:

– Frequent technical problems

– high access thresholds

– high funding rates

– high transaction fees

– limited investment portfolios available

– drastic fluctuations and internet disconnections

– very little crossover with classic products in the traditional financial industry, such as stocks, crude oil, precious metals, etc.

They carried on discussing what makes BitVito different and why clients should choose to trade on BitVito. Hayden disclosed that BitVito has six key features, with which BitVito will try to achieve the mission of “changing the world with blockchain”. Apart from Profit and Security, other four features are below:

In terms of Tech, BitVito’s technical team avoids the common practices of traditional exchanges, and rather, adopts the architectural approaches of first-tier Internet companies. These technologies have gone through numerous iterations over nearly 30 years of handling hundreds of millions of users in the Internet world.

In terms of cost, BitVito allows more users to own crypto assets at a lower cost. BitVito pioneers an era of 0 funding fee, allowing users to hold perpetual contracts for a long time like spot. Meanwhile, low transaction fees also greatly reduce users’ costs, which is very beneficial for short-term traders. The low cost itself, is a high return.

In terms of experience, BitVito features a lightning-fast engine with latency of less than 1 millisecond and support for ultra-high frequency transactions. Thanks to the underlying architecture from first-tier Internet companies, BitVito users will experience the smoothness just as using usual Internet products.

In terms of Compliance, BitVito comes from New Zealand, which has a first-tier financial regulatory system, and holds licenses that have high fund requirement and are hard to obtain in the crypto market. However, BitVito doesn’t stop there. BitVito has applied for financial licenses in the U.S., Canada, and Australia as part of its globalization process.

In the end, Hayden talked about the next step for BitVito in terms of product and ecology.

BitVito responds to diversified market demands with a rich product matrix, fully integrates technology, products, and ecology. This lowers the threshold for blockchain use, promotes industry development, and empowers more industry ecological partners to achieve a win-win situation.

BitVito will launch multi-national fiat currencies, contract spot, games, NFTs, DAOs and other projects. This will allow users to trade global assets, including traditional financial and crypto assets, with just one currency. The constant switching of users between traditional financial trading platforms and encrypted trading platforms will become a thing of the past with BitVito’s lower thresholds, lower fees, full portfolio of products…

BitVito aims at that users can trade a full suite of global products all in one stop at BitVito.

While continuing to improve the products, BitVito will also strive to achieve the ultimate in risk control and trading mechanisms. BitVito will build bridges between finance users and crypto users, plus BitVito also believe that it is just around the corner for cryptocurrencies to become mainstream globally.

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