Boy From Three Worlds By Farida Mirza

Boy From Three Worlds By Farida Mirza

Boy From Three Worlds By Farida Mirza

Waris’s favorite sport is soccer, and his dream is to play center-middle field. He practices hard to prepare for the position. His father blames soccer for Waris unsatisfactory school grades. Waris overhears shattering news a few days before his Grade 7 soccer coach, Mr. Perkins is to reveal his selection or the position. His father is taking him on a seven-month business trip to Gilgit, Baltistan, to make a man out of him. Life in Gilgit will benefit his son’s academic progress since there will be no distractions. Waris will complete his schoolwork remotely.

Waris is lonely and unhappy in Gilgit. He lives in a house surrounded by towering mountains with an unapproachable father in a faraway place he is visiting for the first time. He struggles with schoolwork and loneliness. When Waris reaches rock bottom, he resolves to take matters into his own hands.. He directs himself out of the abyss, and the rest of his stay is filled with adventure, mystery, and fun times with his friends. “Boy From Three Worlds” is a narrative that will inspire young readers never to give up, no matter the odds.

About The Author

Farida Mirza is a published children’s author. Oxford University Press has published six of her works. She was born in India and has since lived in the United Kingdom, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Canada, and the United States. Farida teaches English and Psychology. Farida earned a Technical Writer credential from Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology in Ottawa, Canada, and has worked in both Canada and the US. She worked as an editor at Yahoo! Inc. in Burbank, California. She was writing for children the entire time. Farida writes empowering stories that both delight and inspire young readers.

Her most recent book is “Boy From Three Worlds,” for children aged 8 to 15 and people who enjoy reading MG. The story will inspire young readers to never quit. The book is for sale on Amazon. Another book written by Farida and listed on Amazon, “I See Things From Where I Am” is amusing. It’s a humorous conversation in verse form between a father and son about ‘agreeing to disagree’. Her poem “Where Do I Belong?” received the Editor’s Choice Award from and was featured in their collection. Stories that Empower Children, Farida’s website, contains excerpts from her works.

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