Brian Welch Announces Release of His New Book – “I’ll Sit This Right Here”

Brian Welch Announces Release of His New Book – “I’ll Sit This Right Here”

Brian Welch Announces Release of His New Book - "I'll Sit This Right Here"

This Book will encourage people to talk openly about things that happened to them in the past so they can set themselves free.

New Orleans, LA – August 15, 2022 – I’ll Sit This Right Here is Brian Welch’s first book, but it establishes that he is a master wordsmith, able to get his thoughts in print in such a way that enables the reader to relate to it. The author went through some soul-searching times, but was able to emerge healed, and a better person. 

I’ll Sit This Right Here, focuses on a time period when a past relationship triggered old wounds he thought were healed which left him standing face to face with heartbreak and a shattered perception of what love was. These things led to a spiritual awakening and took him on a journey of healing as he searched for peace amid his pain. 

It was the authors intention to take the reader on a journey so they can see how he coped with life, love, relationships, and fighting against the universe. During a recent interview, Brian made these comments, “I want the reader to know that they can overcome anything and that they should never count themselves out. I also want the reader to understand that life is a learning process, and you have to be willing to grow through what you go through.” 

He went on to say, “Healing is a beautiful journey of becoming the best version of yourself along the way. Forgiveness is a powerful tool and making peace with your past sets you free to focus on the present moment and look to the future with optimism. Please do not make the mistake of attempting to change people to who you want them to be. We only have the power to change ourselves. We can’t make anybody do something they’re not ready to do. We can’t make people love us. People will always do what they want to do anyway; nothing you can do about it.” 

Part of having a love relationship is placing oneself at risk of monumental hurt if it goes south. Most people stay in a bad relationship longer than they should, and this is a story about how the author had to come to terms with the truth, that his partner was not who he had hoped him to be. A broken heart usually occurs as reality sets in and it becomes obvious that it has to end. Some people cannot cope with a broken heart and come to a dark ending. The author wants to give hope to all those people who find themselves similarly situated. 

Reader Testimonials tell the story. This is what Verified Reader had to say, “An encouraging story written to show that even when you can’t help but feel hopeless, there is always way through those dark times. Asking for professional or even nonprofessional help can be a major or minor action depending on one’s perspectives. Grasping that refusal to stay at your lowest point to rise back up in the end for a better future for oneself.” 

About The Author: 

Brian Welch was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. The state is a cultural melting pot and a city that is a bedrock for creativity and artistic expression. As early as elementary school, Brian began writing poetry, essays, and developing a love for music and creativity. At the age of 21, Brian started working overseas as an expat, which allowed him to travel the world, broaden his horizons, and have unique cultural experiences. He feels being from New Orleans prepared him to see the world. After trying for years to deny his creative spark he found himself transformed into that elementary school kid again that could only use writing as a way to express what he was feeling. 

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