Chicago Area SEO Specialist Posts WPX Hosting Reviews on Its Website

Chicago Area SEO Specialist Posts WPX Hosting Reviews on Its Website

Chicago Website Design SEO Company is an Illinois-based business that is dedicated to helping its clients significantly increase their online presence. The company does its job so well that the agency has been recognized for being #1 in Chicagoland for SEO Keywords on Google for 15 years. For the business to maintain its lofty status among Chicago area SEO companies, those in charge are constantly coming up with new ways to help its clients make important website-related decisions. A good example of that is the company has just done a review on the popular WPX WordPress web hosting service. It contains information that can be highly beneficial for those businesses that currently use WPX WordPress to host their websites or are considering doing that.

Jack Lombardi, the CEO of Chicago Website Design SEO Company, talked about the pros and cons of a company using WPX WordPress hosting services. He started by stating that one of the most impressive features of WPX hosting services is its speed. Lombardi says, “Having a fast website is crucial to your online success, so the last thing your business needs is to have a website with poor speed. This is something that will definitely negatively impact your online success. That’s why we were extremely pleased when we took an in-depth look at websites that were hosted on WPX and the consistent fast loading speeds these websites displayed.”

He went on to state that regardless of the content that a company has on its website, they will greatly benefit by having a fast-loading website because it promotes a better user experience. Slow websites tend to not only cause a large percentage of users to get discouraged and leave the website but many of those disgruntled users will tell someone about their negative experience with a company’s website as well. The company CEO acknowledged that WPX WordPress was partially designed by an SEO expert, so it’s not surprising that speed is one of its attributes.

Other WPX web hosting features that Lombardi liked were such things as how this popular web hosting service backs up its hosted websites daily and how there is no charge for businesses that want to migrate to their service. Included email services and a user-friendly dashboard are also highlights of WPX hosting services. Lombardi also went over how this service can handle high-traffic websites and how its customer support is very good. Those that are interested in looking at the entire review of WPX hosting by SEO expert Jack Lombardi can do so by visiting the company website.

The company CEO also talked about some of the company’s more popular services. Among the most sought after of which is their website design services which include logo creation, on-page SEO, email services, call tracking, high converting content, and creating a website that is responsive along with being mobile & tablet friendly. He added that the websites their gifted team designs are nicely complimented by their internet marketing services that are geared toward driving large amounts of qualified traffic to a business’s website.

Those that have sought advice and services from Chicago Website Design SEO Company often leave glowing reviews about the help the company has provided them with. Mia A. stated, “Jack is a true professional who knows the marketplace and its growing changes and understands what it takes to make your website and company get the results you’re looking for. Not only is Jack full of insight and knowledge, but he takes the time to understand the individual needs of his clients and won’t deliver anything short of his best. Professional, dependable, trustworthy, caring, and savvy are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Jack. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him & his company to anyone!” Stuart M. proclaimed, “In the world of Internet marketing, Jack has definitely cracked the code. He is my go-to resource for anything related to SEO or ad placement. He has helped me as well as a few of my friends. In addition to his knowledge base, Jack is an even-keeled guy who has the patience to explain technical issues to lay people such as myself. A truly great resource to have. I recommend him.”

Lombardi and his SEO team can be reached by phone, email, or by filling out and sending in the website contact form.


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