“Cloud Business, Win-win Future”, 2022 Training Course for Russian Business Chinese Professionals officially launched

“Cloud Business, Win-win Future”, 2022 Training Course for Russian Business Chinese Professionals officially launched

On November 4, the launching ceremony of the “Chinese + Business” 2022 Training Course for Russian Business Chinese Professionals was opened online, which was hosted by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation (CLEC) and organized by Dalian University of Technology. The event was attended and addressed by Yang Jun, Deputy Director of the CLEC; Liu Tong, Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Department of Education of Liaoning Province; Lu Anhui, Associate Vice President, Dalian University of Technology; Jiang Yue, Director of Human Resources of Geely Auto International Corporation; and Sun Yuzhou, Midea Group Campus Recruitment Director of Liaoning Province. All teachers and 300 students of this training program participated in the ceremony online.

Yang Jun said in his speech that mankind shares a common destiny, and only by supporting each other and cooperating for win-win results can we share the fruits of development. As each other’s largest neighbor and comprehensive strategic partner of coordination in the new era, China and Russia should expand practical cooperation in various fields, which not only serves the interests and well-being of the two peoples, but also needs language as an important bridge and more compound professionals. The purpose of this training program is to aggregate the human resources and advantageous industries of China and Russia, and accelerate the training of economic and trade professionals who “understand business”, “understand Chinese” and “know China”, so as to promote the smooth and diversified development of economic and trade exchanges between the two countries.

Liu Tong introduced the current situation of Liaoning Province’s cooperation with Russia in the fields of economy, trade, and humanities, and emphasized the important role of “Chinese +” compound professionals in the social and economic development of China and Russia. He pointed out that the “Chinese +” program will build a platform for in-depth cooperation between China and Russia, help promote the interconnection of education between China and Russia, and provide strong professionals’ support for the development of the “Belt and Road Initiative”.

Lu Anhui introduced the results of Dalian University of Technology’s cooperation and exchanges with Russia to the guests. He said that this training is an important exploration of the school’s international education. The school will focus on rigorous teaching and thoughtful service to meet the learning needs of this program’s students and cultivate more new generations of “young experts” for the two countries in the future.

On behalf of Geely, Jiang Yue introduced the development of the group’s overseas business and the professionals’ recruitment of its Russian subsidiary. She mentioned that school-enterprise cooperation is the best way to solve professionals’ development and employment. She expected that the students of the program will have the opportunity to deeply understand Geely’s international business, join Geely’s international team, and work together in the international market.

On behalf of Midea Group, Sun Yuzhou said that professionals are the cornerstone of an enterprise’s survival and development. Compound professionals who are proficient in the languages of both sides, familiar with international economic and trade knowledge, and well versed in the policies and development strategies of the two countries are a solid bridge for enterprises to take root overseas. He expected that the students would apply what they have learned and become young ambassadors for economic and cultural exchanges between Russian and Chinese enterprises.

Mikhailets Anastasiia and Butina Tatyana spoke as representatives of the students. They expressed their gratitude and treasure for this learning opportunity, as well as their love for the Chinese language and their determination to further study. They looked forward to working together with their classmates to become qualified business Chinese professionals in the future.

2022 Training Course for Russian Business Chinese Professionals, as an employment-oriented Chinese learning program, will deliver a series of basic courses such as business oral communication, logistics Chinese, science and technology Chinese, Sino-Russian trade, as well as the business coursed offered by Geely Group, Midea Group and other Chinese-funded enterprises, so as to further enhance the comprehensive quality and international employability of Russian students. During the nearly three-month preparatory period, it has attracted more than 700 students from Europe and Asia to sign up, which is favored by enterprises and Chinese language learners from both countries. To ensure learning effect, 300 trainees were recruited in the first phase.

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