Coinpass Announces New Website and New Powerful Features

Coinpass Announces New Website and New Powerful Features

“The company made FCA-compliant staking and tailored investment portfolios available to all users with no restrictions.”

Coinpass, a UK-based crypto trading platform voted the best at CityAM’s CryptoAM Awards, has launched a redesigned website with new extra features. The latest upgrades were implemented to offer flexible trading and investment conditions to customers and make the firm’s products more accessible to a broader public.

Coinpass was founded in 2018 with an aim to democratize access to decentralized finance (DeFi). It provides users tools built upon the latest crypto technology and an optimized UI/UX design. The new website will allow the company to further excel in its mission.

“Prior to rethinking our web app, we went deep into DeFi scope analysis. Many projects had similar issues that, from our perspective, were preventing users from taking full advantage of crypto financial tools. With that in mind, we added new features and spent months improving and rethinking our website. Now, I can proudly say that our product has all it takes to provide the best user experience in the crypto scope.” – Jeff Hancock, co-founder and CEO

Coinpass’s new website encompasses tools for traders and investors, both retail and institutional. The list includes free fiat and crypto deposits, a trading platform, token swap exchange, and auto-trade. Auto-trade allows customers to set their own digital and fiat asset purchase and sale parameters. Coinpass also provides asset guidance and offers large investors over-the-counter buys. Ready Made Portfolios and Staking are the latest platform’s updates.

Staking is the latest addition to the company’s list of features. Coinpass pledged to continue following the FCA rules and provide every user with a licensed and compliant service package. Furthermore, the company plans to add 100 new tokens in the near future to unlock the full capabilities of DeFi staking to customers. The upcoming listings are available on Coinpass’s official website. The UK-based platform developed a portal with educational material for users new to this tool.

Coinpass aims to provide customers with flexible terms. One of the latest features, Ready Made Portfolios, is orientated towards investors seeking professional guidance. The tool pre-selects the digital assets tailored to the person’s interest to allow investing at ease. The company launched a referral program for those involved in trading. Users can receive a bonus for referring the platform to their friends, family, and professional network.

“Staking and Ready Made Portfolios are our company’s next step in the DeFi world. We understand that users are looking for something familiar, like asset consulting or savings accounts. We aim to deliver solutions similar to financial industry products in the crypto world. However, we understand that just launching features is not enough in the current environment. We wish to remain faithful to the title of the best crypto platform in the UK and strive to be ahead of the game.” – Paul Tiley, Co-Founder and CTO

In addition to the outlined improvements and updates, Coinpass plans to make trading accessible on the go through the platform’s mobile app. The app will contain all the products the company currently offers. Coinpass believes that the app’s introduction will help its customers avoid stress arising from a constantly changing crypto environment and stimulate them to have a razer focus on a long-term investing strategy.

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Published Tue, 22 Feb 2022 14:35:12 -0600

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