Criminal Defense Attorney Maintains Connection With Community During Global Crisis

Criminal Defense Attorney Maintains Connection With Community During Global Crisis

The Law Office of Purav Bhatt, based in Chicago, IL, is keeping their team accessible and fully functional in order to accommodate all clients who need a criminal defense attorney in the near future. While the pandemic may be raising many challenges for organizations across the country, Purav Bhatt and his firm are determined to keep offering their clients the benefit of a robust, comprehensive defense in their criminal cases.

In the legal field, the onset of the pandemic had several unfortunate effects. In addition to forcing many firms to close down temporarily or drastically limit the availability of their services, many cases could not be held in court until alternate accommodations were made. This placed a heavy burden on the system and extended delays by a considerable degree. However, the need for swift, conscientious and expert representation has not abated, and this is why The Law Office of Purav Bhatt is committed to continue working with their community wherever necessary.

Attorney Bhatt is a former prosecutor, and this experience gives him a great deal of insight into the criminal justice system that many other attorneys may only know of secondhand. As a result, he understands where the law’s shortcomings may negatively affect the outcome in a defendant’s case. A lack of representation can lead to one of two general conclusions, with the first being a defendant being held responsible for more than the true debt they owe society. In worst case scenarios, however, a completely innocent defendant may be considered guilty in the eyes of the law because they did not have an attorney on their side who was willing to aggressively push for justice.

In addition to possibly ruining the defendant’s life, this can also have a detrimental impact on the public’s trust in the courts. Bhatt considers it his duty and privilege to ensure the court’s judgment is as fair as humanly possible in every case he is involved with.

Notably, many of his clients have personally witnessed how much his time as a prosecutor has influenced his strengths as a defense attorney. “Purav Bhatt is an experienced professional with years of experience as a former prosecutor in the judicial system,” notes Shoaib Q. in their 5-Star Google review. “His qualified professional expertise, wisdom, law knowledge, compassion and empathy make him an excellent lawyer. I was erroneously charged with a misdemeanor, but Purav’s knowledge of the Cook County judicial framework resulted in my case being dismissed altogether. I was pretty particularly concerned about the outcome of my case, but he always generously provided me excellent advice and guidance. Please feel free to contact Purav Bhatt if you or a loved one is ever faced with the anguish of criminal allegations. You’ll be pleased you did it.”

The firm boasts more than 250 reviews on this platform alone, and it is notable that they still retain a 5-Star rating. Bhatt attributes this to his team’s ability to offer an unparalleled client experience.

For instance, the firm understands that most people who approach Bhatt for help will be doing so at one of the most stressful periods in their life. Even in the best of times, fighting a criminal charge is not an easy task, and anyone in the community who now has to contend with the court will likely also have to do so during a backdrop of immense financial, mental and emotional hardships. As such, the firm’s policy of being transparent with their clients and offering prompt guidance at every opportunity has proven to be quite welcome. Clients are encouraged to ask as many questions as they need to understand their legal position, which serves to ensure they will always make informed decisions and stay level-headed as the case progresses.

Attorney’ Bhatt’s expertise extends to many areas, including DUIs, burglary, drug charges, weapons charges, federal crimes and so on. Those interested in learning more can find a full list of the services offered on the firm’s official website (along with detailed descriptions). Attorney Bhatt is considered by many to be among the top criminal defense lawyers in Chicago, and he looks forward to giving his clients the outstanding representation they deserve. Learn more here: Bhatt Criminal Law.


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