Cryptocurrency Expert and Entrepreneur Kolin Lukas is Stepping Away from the Digital Currency World to Pursue a Professional Poker Career

Cryptocurrency Expert and Entrepreneur Kolin Lukas is Stepping Away from the Digital Currency World to Pursue a Professional Poker Career

Kolin Lukas has announced he is open to exploring other areas of life and has chosen to play poker professionally, having dominated the cryptocurrency space over the last six years

Kolin DeShazo popularly known as Kolin Lukas is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur based in the South Central United States. Dubbed “The Bright Light of Crypto” in 2018 by Abacus, Kolin has spent years developing blockchain technology, researching & developing the sector, and operating numerous startups. He is reckoned for his exploits in the cryptocurrency space and was ranked as a Top 30 under 30 Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Entrepreneur in 2017 when he founded the first cryptocurrency and blockchain company in Arkansas.

Today, Kolin Lukas has announced that he is taking a break from the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry to pursue other interests. He has decided to step away from the digital currency world to focus on a career as a professional poker player. Kolin fully understands the risks of becoming a professional poker player and the return on investment. At face value, poker and cryptocurrency are not entirely different in terms of risks and investments, so Kolin believes that he is ready to explore this new adventure.

“Over the years, I have successfully built a lot of startups, made millions of dollars, and helped people make money trading crypto,” explained Kolin Lukas. “I have gained a lot of experience and seeing the similarities between poker and crypto trading, I wanted to try it out. My background in crypto trading gives me an edge over other professional poker players. I will provide crypto tips once in a while, but my focus will be on my poker career.”

Kolin is the founder of CryptoChecked, formerly Altus Crypto. In 2015, he began his career in cryptocurrency under the wing of cyber security expert John McAfee. Moving forward into 2016 and 2017, Kolin worked with a multitude of projects in the digital arena such as Digibyte, which at the time was the world’s longest and fastest blockchain; MTL Pay, a millennial-age payment gateway; and Stellar Lumens XLM, which is backed by IBM.

He was accepted into both Cornell’s Blockchain for Business Program and the Mass Institute of Technology (MIT)’s Blockchain Advances & Applicabilities Program in 2019, but he chose to put his focus on building up the digital community. Kolin is a contributor to many cryptocurrency news outlets and is known for his personalized approach to coaching users on how to trade digital assets, his technical analysis, as well as some legendary calls.

There is no denying that Kolin has had an illustrious crypto career. Last year, he became the creative director at National Sports Collective, the area’s fastest-growing NFT Sports Co. From August 2022, Kolin would hit the road as he takes part in the professional MSPT, World Poker Tour, and World Series of Poker circuits on his professional poker career adventure.

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