Cryptonorber, the number one influencer of Cryptocurrencies in LATAM

Cryptonorber, the number one influencer of Cryptocurrencies in LATAM

When I was a boy I always liked business. I used to sell snails. In high school I gave computer classes to adults, and I sold computer packages… so I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was born.

Norberto Pablo Giudice, with almost 10 years of experience in the cryptocurrency sector, is one of the most recognized and followed influencers on social networks. Argentine, computer engineer, teacher, 14 years at Accenture and dozens of own ventures is part of his career.

With Crypto News, Criptonorber gave details of how he started with cryptocurrencies, how he sees the present, the future and even encouraged to share his portfolio. “I always want to have more BTC, not more dollars,” he assured.

I started my journey in the world of cryptocurrencies at the end of 2013 after the first halving. I encountered an advanced bull run, with Bitcoin at $600. Today it seems little but it had been at 2 or 10 dollars, and there were people in Argentina who bought before me. At that time I had computer rooms and I started mining. There was no Ethereum and you couldn’t mine BTC with GPUs anymore, so I mined Litecoin and Dogecoin, which I then traded for BTC. 

I was always a nerdy kid but I wasn’t a professional gamer, my board wasn’t top of the range and so I bought one and started generating. I bought a plastic vegetable crate and created my first ring. In that bull run, Bitcoin broke $1,000 for the first time and I went wild: I used money I had saved to buy a car and put together 8 six-plate rigs. At that time I thought I was going to dedicate myself to being a miner for the rest of my life, haha.

And in 2014 came the hacking of Mt. Gox. Prices begin to fall and the teams are yielding less and less. The miner’s dream was over and I sold the used plates. I recovered and had some Bitcoin left. I learned a lot and I got out on time, at that moment I thought I had gotten away. That zafe thought, in 2018, it was $9 million.

In 2016 it returned with the second halving at a price very similar to the one it had sold. There was already a larger community in Argentina and I invested what I was saving for a house. I got into the world of trading, investing and what Bitcoin was all about. Things got nice and the third bull run caught me better off. To finish my house I sold 6 BTC for 6,000 dollars that I had bought for 800. Later we set up Coin Box Mining with Joven Inversor, a venture in which we sell rigs and also Asic for Bitcoin. This year he grabs me with mining, investment, entrepreneurship and networks, for which my friend Agustín helped me a lot.


Are you conservative or do you take risks?

I do not trade with a high percentage of my portfolio, for example, because a badly placed stop loss can cost you a lot. I’m staying at Accenture because of my conservative profile and not risking everything on one card. Besides, it is a company that I like. I have contact with many projects that I would not have. I have the corporate version of blockchain, thanks to them. Today I receive much more income on the other hand than my salary, but I enjoy it. I recommend that people invest what they can lose. This is a new technology, it does not have so many tests and it did not go through global crises. I don’t have all my capital in cryptocurrencies, bricks are safer.

How do you see cryptocurrencies in the future?

For me, in this last cycle, the level of adoption was great: you can even see posters on how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the street, that means that it is massive. And I believe that this will have an impact on volatility, it will be less and less. With a bigger market, more instruments to trade, there will be less price volatility. Bitcoin in particular I see as always going up: five times over its last high in the next halving. Maybe not five, but three. The logical thing would be that in a few halvings it reaches a million or at least half a million.


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