Dank Cannabis Dispensary in Dover, Calgary to Offer Online Order Delivery

Dank Cannabis Dispensary in Dover, Calgary to Offer Online Order Delivery

Dank Cannabis Dispensary in Dover, Calgary, is preparing to launch an entirely new online ordering system in preparation for weed delivery becoming legal in the Canadian province of Alberta. On March 8th of this year, the responsibility of offering and fulfilling online cannabis orders for delivery in Alberta is transitioning from the gaming, liquor, and cannabis board, which has run an online store since cannabis was legalized in Canada, to the over 700 licensed cannabis retailers already operating across the province.

In advance of this change in Alberta’s cannabis law going into effect in March, dispensaries across the province are setting up new online ordering systems and delivery networks so they can provide the best possible cannabis delivery services to their customers and regions. Dank Cannabis Dispensary in Dover will have their fully menu available in their new online ordering system. Dank’s goal is to better serve their customers in Dover and the surrounding areas, with rapid delivery service and expertly curated products.

Dank Cannabis Dispensary in Dover, AB

The change in Alberta’s online cannabis sales model comes as a part of a larger push to minimize the red tape in government operations. The goals of this are multi-fold: the government wants the people of Alberta to have easier access to government services, and for business owners and other potential job creators to have an easier time with the regulatory aspects of hiring new people. As part of the red tape cutting changes to Calgary’s regulations around marijuana, the province of Alberta has removed online cannabis sales and fulfillment from the load of the cannabis board and instead given the business of online weed sales and delivery to the dispensaries who know their product and their customers the best. Dank Cannabis Dispensary intends to offer local delivery to Dover and the surrounding areas, as well as next day delivery to anywhere in Alberta. Not only are they building a new online ordering system to accommodate their new delivery services, Dank Cannabis will be launching a brand new website focused on greatly improving the experience of customers researching their products and placing orders online.

The online store for Dank Cannabis Dispensary has a vast selection of products to suit every taste and fill any cannabis related need. They have options for every customer, whether they are beginners to cannabis use or seasoned weed connoisseurs, including a variety of strains and forms of cannabis, available for viewing and purchase at https://dank.ca/ or in their retail stores. In addition to various strains of cannabis flower, generally used for smoking, Dank Cannabis sells pre-rolled joints for a quick, minimal fuss smoke. The store also offers vaping products and several forms of concentrates, which can be another popular way to consume cannabis. Dank Cannabis Dispensary also has a number of edibles, drinks, tinctures, and topically applied cannabis products, so experienced users are sure to find their favorite products, and people who want to experiment with new ways of consuming cannabis have plenty of options to chose from. For those customers who want the relief and relaxation that can come from cannabis use without the high brought on by THC, Dank Cannabis even offers CBD products with minimal traces of THC. Dank Cannabis Dispensary seeks out the highest quality cannabis products on the market, because they are striving to be the best cannabis dispensary in Canada. Anyone looking for cannabis for any reason is sure to find something they love at Dank Cannabis Dispensary.

Dank Cannabis Dispensary will be offering delivery of online orders beginning on March 8th of this year. Until then, readers who want to learn more about the company or their selection of high quality cannabis products can visit the company’s website or one of their retail locations in Dover and Ogden, Calgary, Alberta. Their staff of experienced budtenders, or Danktenders, is available to answer questions and offer guidance on safe and effective cannabis use to all of their customers, no matter where someone is on their cannabis using journey.


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