Dr. Gail M. Walton, An Accomplished Social Worker And Child Welfare Advocate, Announces A New Christian Children’s Book, “Pop The Bubbles,” To Help Children Find Faith In A Healthier Future

Dr. Gail M. Walton, An Accomplished Social Worker And Child Welfare Advocate, Announces A New Christian Children’s Book, “Pop The Bubbles,” To Help Children Find Faith In A Healthier Future

Charlotte, NC – Dr. Gail M. Walton, an author and respected child welfare advocate, has announced the release of her new Christian children’s book, “Pop the Bubbles.” The book aims to help children overcome chronic and untreatable diseases and the difficulty of watching friends and loved ones become sick through renewed faith and hope in a brighter tomorrow.

Dr. Walton began writing “Pop the Bubbles” at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many children saw friends and family fall ill to the virus or even faced their own diseases and chronic illnesses. In recent years, many children have also grappled with concerns about their own health, including whether they would become sick like many around them. The book embraces a biblical and social work approach to this topic by instilling faith, healing, and hope in children of all ages so they can better understand themselves and others facing illness.

The exciting children’s story engages the imaginations of readers as they follow the adventures of a young bunny who, while hopping through the forest one day, notices that some of his animal friends have fallen ill. Seeking to find them much-needed help, he discovers Mr. Green, a wise old frog, who offers to protect the rest of the animals in individual bubbles that prevent them from falling ill as well. The bubbles are safe, but boring, and the young bunny wonders if he will ever be able to pop the bubbles and live among the others again.

A story about the intersection of personal and community health, faith and companionship, and sacrifice, the experiences of the young bunny resonate with children feeling anxiety, stress, and depression as they watch others face diseases and chronic illnesses. The book clarifies confusing moments, demonstrates the value of faith, and paints a positive image of living with the hope and mindset that brighter days lie ahead. Powerful biblical principles of helping others in need, valuing friendships, and maintaining faith in the most challenging moments are interwoven on every page, encouraging children to embrace others experiencing illnesses in a newly empowered way.

“I am excited to announce the release of my new Christian children’s book, ‘Pop the Bubbles,’” remarked Dr. Gail M. Walton. “Children of all ages have watched friends experiencing diseases or chronic illnesses, including COVID-19. These ordeals cause feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression to abound. ‘Pop the Bubbles’ instills faith in children that they will feel better and overcome sickness,” she added.

“Pop the Bubbles” is currently available on all major platforms, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The book offers an affordable and effective way to improve quality of life and create hope for any child. As medical treatments and vaccines become available to young children, the book ‘Pop the Bubbles’ would be an excellent resource for them as they navigate their journey.

About the Author

Dr. Gail M. Walton has a doctorate in social work and over twenty years of child welfare and child development experience. She has worked tirelessly in the areas of child protection, social justice, women’s rights, and Christian ministry, and has been an active volunteer at Elevation Church and local food banks in Charlotte, North Carolina. A native of Massachusetts, Dr. Walton now resides in the beauty of the Carolinas with her husband. She has traveled the world with her husband, loves classical music, and enjoys the art of cake decorating.

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