Fengshui Republic Launches Courses to Teach Entrepreneurs About the Power of the Environment

Fengshui Republic Launches Courses to Teach Entrepreneurs About the Power of the Environment

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia–(Newsfile Corp. – May 21, 2022) – The Fengshui Republic has launched new courses for entrepreneurs of all business sizes to enhance good energy and more wealth and health. Fengshui Republic is the first and only feng shui Chinese metaphysic company to be ISO9001-certified. In addition, the company holds the Malaysia Book of Record as the largest participant in a virtual event and registered over 13,000 participants in a single feng shui study event.

Fengshui Republic CEO Master Louis described feng shui as, “Ancient Chinese art of arranging objects, plants, colors, and spaces to bring peace and harmony into one’s home, workplace, and life. It is generally applied to an entire environment (house or office) rather than an individual object or piece of furniture.

“In simple terms, it is the art of arranging things to promote good fortune and ward off bad luck. But it’s not just a way of thinking about spaces and objects. It’s a way of living.”

Master Louis is the first feng shui expert to digitalize the discipline without sacrificing its traditional elements. As a result, customers embrace new approaches to connecting with businesses due to new technology and innovation. Master Louis has also modernized feng shui, allowing this digital transformation. According to Master Louis, all companies must seek an ongoing digital transformation strategy to take them from their current condition to a hybrid model that incorporates new technology.

Master Louis adds: “When you think of feng shui, you probably think of your cluttered bookshelf and desk, your car, and home. But have you ever wondered about the business side of feng shui? Focusing on your workspace can help you achieve success and attract employees and clients. You have to establish trust with your employees, clients, suppliers, and vendors in the business. To do that, you need to create an environment that promotes collaboration, productivity, and satisfaction. Feng shui can help you create the right environment for your business. Think of your office not just as a place to work but as a place where everyone feels comfortable. Here’s everything you need to know about the business side of feng shui, as well as a few simple tips to make the most of it.”

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is the Chinese art of placement. It’s a way of thinking about spaces and objects that creates order and harmony. It’s about finding the flow of energy and directing resources to bring out their best qualities. Feng shui focuses on creating an environment that supports and reinforces the people there, and creating a space that feels safe, inviting, and balanced.

Master Louis modernized feng shui by emphasizing coaching above traditional consulting. The main difference between the two educational approaches is that coaching uses proven performance improvement principles such as trust, accountability, and collaboration to accelerate progress rather than through standard checklists and questionnaires. Coaching plays a key role in helping feng shui practitioners to achieve success, and that’s why it should be a top educational approach when teaching feng shui, according to Master Louis.

About Fengshui Republic

Fengshui Republic is also the first institution that teaches both Xing Luan and Xing Jia knowledge, allowing the general public to access this profound ancient wisdom and benefit from it. Besides the traditional feng shui course, the company also offers courses of Bazi, Qimen Dunjia, Yijing, Yi Yan Duan, and Physiognomy courses.

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