Former Teacher Writes To Ensure Representation In School And Home Libraries

Former Teacher Writes To Ensure Representation In School And Home Libraries

Mar. 13, 2022 / PRZen / CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Courtney Tate, a Gastonia native who has worked in education for the past 13 years, is a published author, contributing writer to a social emotional learning curriculum used nationally, and a community servant through her sorority, alumni chapter, and etc. Courtney is currently an educational consultant, training teachers throughout the US. As a teacher, she worked in title 1 schools and taught students in primarily underserved communities. It was then that she noted the disparity and lack of representation in books that students had access to. Upon discovering that there were not enough books representing children of color, she seized the window of opportunity and now identifies as an author of children’s books. Her books serve a three-fold purpose of educating, entertaining and empowering young children while inspiring them to embrace self-love and build family traditions.

Her second children’s book, “Tasty Cakes” shows two young girls spending time with their granny which leads them to dream of starting their own business someday. Courtney believes that “It’s important for children of color to see themselves represented in text, and to know that they can dream and aspire to a future without the limits so often placed upon us!” Growing up, Courtney also understood the importance of community and family, it is her hope for children to begin to embrace family, traditions, and self-love in each book that she writes.

As a result of publishing her own books, Courtney does coach aspiring writers through the self-publishing process and schedules visits to conduct author chats, interactive read alouds, and/or storytime  (in-person or virtually) for schools, girl scout troops, and mommy and me groups and more. If you would like more information please email me at [email protected] or visit

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