GC Exchange – The World’s First Shariah Compliant Crypto Exchange With Gold Backed Tokens to Launch in March

GC Exchange – The World’s First Shariah Compliant Crypto Exchange With Gold Backed Tokens to Launch in March

GC Exchange is pleased to announce that it will launch on 30th March 2022, the first Shariah Comply Crypto Exchange, based on the norms of Shariah. GC Exchange will create a cryptocurrency platform, exchange, and services that are Shariah compliant and based on Mudarabah principles. After vetting through all conduct, and mechanism of GC Exchange and all its products, The International Halal Assurance has issued Halal Certificate for Shariah Compliance.

The GC Exchange will create a global infrastructure based on fair and just principles in trading for everyone throughout the world. The goal of the exchange is to use Islamic principles to develop Shariah-compliant blockchain technology. The GC Exchange will aim to solve the problem of halal mechanism and to build halal transactions around the digital economy base market for the Muslim Ummah, having an undeserved market of 1.9 billion people worldwide and a projected volume of 3.8 trillion US dollars Shariah assets in 2021 alone.

Due to the Shariah-based nature and compliance that adheres to its products, it offers investment opportunities with a minimum risk as opposed to futures and leverage trading that are speculative in nature. Its unique positioning in the market would attract not only Muslim population but also non-Muslim community members that are seeking for safe, secure yet productive return on investment through Amanah Smart Contract Liquidity Pool Trading, Sukuk Products, Qirad Market Maker (provide liquidity and depth to the market by facilitating investors to buy and sell digital assets in an equitable and just way).

The GC Exchange ecosystems are designed around the usage of GCS and XAUs tokens of which both have underlying assets, XAUs are stable token based on the weight of gold. XAUs is envisioned as a means of promoting free capital flow and true democracy in gold ownership. The ecosystems of CCS tokens are: Minting of XAUs, Market Maker Leverage Trading, Bank Tokenization, GC Exchange, and Biometric Wallet.

Despite huge potential in today’s technology space (cryptography-related activities), Majority of Muslim countries – like UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia. Bahrain, and Kuwait – still lag far behind DEFI GC the revolution. According to GC Exchange research, about 106 million people have used cryptocurrencies in2021.

Around 46 million Americans (roughly 22 percent of the adult population) own Bitcoin. Financial analysts predict that the global blockchain market will grow to $3917 billion US. dollars by 2025.

Furthermore. according to Coqonut’s Data, each crypto trader has about 1.1 active accounts. The total number of active crypto traders is estimated to be between 51.2 and 52.4 the market million, of which participation of Muslims worldwide is no more than 2 percent.

Also, In July 2018, Stellar with its Lumens cryptocurrency was certified by the Sharia Review Bureau (SRB) (an advisory firm licensed by the central bank of Bahrain), and in September, Ripple signed an agreement with the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia to create a system for sending remittances via Ripple Net.

GC Exchange aims to continuously develop the Shariah Audit mechanism and Shariah blockchain for better adaptation and adjustment of digital assets, as well as education through engagement of qualified scholars for better understanding of ethic and way of Sunnah to make available assets to practicing Muslims that combine the properties of Mal (wealth) and Tahawwur (legitimacy).

The advantages of GC Exchange are effective and Iow cost, Audited Smart Contract, Shariah Advisory Council that reviews each product and conduct, Independent Shariah Audit to continuously monitor and verify Secure and advance technology solutions available for beginners and professional traders, Insured wallet and assets, and Partnerships with world class experts and leading technological companies.

For more information visit: www.goldchain.tech

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