Goodera is on the frontlines to spread awareness with its nonprofit partners on Earth Day.

Goodera is on the frontlines to spread awareness with its nonprofit partners on Earth Day.

Goodera’s Earth Day campaign – #SaveItLikeItsHot to facilitate multiple volunteer activities with the support of its nonprofit partners from around the world

Goodera launched its global campaign for Earth Day, #SaveItLikeItsHot, to emphasize our planet’s rising carbon footprint and deterioration. We need to act fast and act together if we want to save our home.

Goodera successfully conducted many virtual seminars with various nonprofit leaders who are working very hard to create sustainable alternatives to save our planet. We discussed multiple reasons for increasing carbon footprint, rise in global average temperature, and how we can solve those problems at scale.

Jonathan Markowitz Bijur, Executive Director from Rediscover Center, said – “I think one small act that individuals can take is to make the things in your life last longer, don’t throw it away. Fix it, repair it, find a new way to use it, but don’t throw it away. This means you don’t buy something new that we need to extract some resource to create that new object because you’ve made things last.“. Parag P, Director of Pruthvi Molachi, further added – “Start by deleting your old emails. Storing your old emails in those servers costs too much energy and fuel than what we have right now. We have thousands of unwanted emails in our inboxes, so deleting them would contribute to a single tree.” 

In the campaign #SaveItLikeItsHot, Goodera provides multiple activities for volunteering experiences to corporate clients. The volunteers can choose the schedule that works for them and work with the nonprofits in the most efficient way possible.

To celebrate Earth Day, Goodera partnered with 12 nonprofits to:

  • Design 8 virtual volunteering opportunities for corporate volunteers: These experiences range from converting old plastic bottles into bird feeders to Upcycle old notebook pages into decorative flowers. Volunteers also learned how to compost at home and reduce the impact of food waste.
  • Inform more people about Earth Day’s importance: Goodera had a chance to interact with many nonprofits and its beneficiaries to help understand the impact of rising pollution and multiple ways to tackle that shortly.

Goodera’s nonprofit partners who work to uplift the Earth Day community booked 120 hours of overall volunteer participation as part of the campaign. Additionally, a total of 2000 corporate volunteers locked arms with nonprofits to volunteer their time and skills, standing up for the black community in multiple countries.

“You don’t have to have all the skills in the world to be a volunteer because we often run on minimal budgets. Even though you might think, ‘oh, I don’t have any skills, ‘ talk to your local charity because just a conversation can make your way to some key skills that can help them to carry on the good work that they’re doing.” said Paul Dickson, Founder, Oke Charity.

After successfully implementing the campaign #SaveItLikeItsHot, Goodera has launched its plans to focus on AAPI Heritage Month and the events of May.

About Goodera

Goodera is an employee volunteering, CSR, and ESG management company that enables corporations, foundations, governments, non-profits, and employees across 90+ countries. Goodera empowers companies to provide engaging and impactful virtual volunteering experiences to their employees globally and achieve volunteering goals.

Through curated volunteering opportunities, end-to-end program management, and impact measurement, Goodera offers a seamless volunteering experience. Goodera enables non-profits to create a sustainable impact by raising money, increasing visibility, and building long-term volunteers for causes they support. Goodera is co-headquartered in San Mateo, CA, and Bangalore, India. For more details, please visit

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