Heatbit Releases The First Bitcoin Miner That Heats Your Home

Heatbit Releases The First Bitcoin Miner That Heats Your Home

DOVER, DE / ACCESSWIRE / October 29, 2022 / Heatbit, the world’s first personal heater that mines Bitcoin, has officially been released. After launching a Kickstarter campaign in 2021 and acquiring the safety certificates, the company started shipping its first mining heaters in October 2022. Heatbit enables anyone to support the decentralized money revolution while being rewarded for heating in bitcoin.

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The green bitcoin miner

When contributing to secure decentralized systems, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining operations are facing several challenges. Mining rigs naturally emit significant heat and have to use very loud fans to cool the systems. The substantial energy needed to power both the fans and mining rigs is described by many as a tremendous waste of energy.

Heatbit provides a green and energy-efficient solution to cryptocurrency mining, as emitted heat is recycled to replace other heating devices in homes. Heatbit was designed to require the same energy as a regular heater, at 1,400 W, and is suitable to heat spaces of up to 170 square feet. Having the same efficiency as regular heaters, heatbit devices mine bitcoin for users at the same time. To ensure a comfortable user experience, heatbits are made to run very quietly: at full power, the devices produce <42 dB noise, similar to a quiet library, thanks to multiple patent-pending solutions in soundproofing, vibration control, and noise suppression used in heatbits.

With regard to mining output, Heatbit delivers up to 14 TH/s of hashing power, providing bitcoin rewards that can cover up to 100% of heating cost, depending on the user’s electric power tariff. Further, a smart autotuning feature is used to improve efficiency and reduce power consumption.

Since 2022, Heatbit is certified according to U.S. and Canada safety standards. Harsh tests included covering the device with a blanket, stalling the fan, and many others to make sure it is safe to use in a residential environment. The testing agency even dropped metal balls on a heatbit, similar to what many saw at a Tesla Cybertruck presentation.

After a three year development cycle, we are thrilled to ship the first heatbits to our loyal customers. Our engineers have put in blood, sweat, and tears to revolutionize mining this way. Over the next few weeks all buyers will finally have their Heatbits delivered,” says Alex Busarov, co-founder at Heatbit.

While the devices offer a smart way to get bitcoin rewards on heating, Alex urges heatbit users to also think about the larger societal factors behind the project. “It is important to understand that Heatbit is about supporting the decentralized money revolution. Bitcoin is supposed to be the cryptocurrency where everyone makes a small contribution. True decentralization is many users, each contributing their little bit, not the large mining farms we see these days,” he added.

Heatbit is now planning a fundraising campaign aimed at ordinary users instead of VCs. “We have some amazing support from our customers. I would much rather have them own a piece of the company in the spirit of decentralization and community drive.” concludes the founder.

About Heatbit

Heatbit inc. makes the world’s first heater that mines Bitcoin. The company was founded in 2020 by Alex Busarov, a Philosophy graduate of the London School of Economics, who previously worked at McKinsey on energy strategies and ran different startups in Asia over the past 10 years. The company’s mission is to make the world a more efficient and distributed place.

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