Highstoke Media Founder and CEO Featured in The PMU Masters Digital Magazine

Highstoke Media Founder and CEO Featured in The PMU Masters Digital Magazine

Founder and CEO of Highstoke Media, Danny Tran’s article on PMU marketing, published in the third issue of the top worldwide permanent makeup online magazine, The PMU Masters, offers marketing advice for PMU artists.

Founded in the California Bay Area in 2018 to provide a marketing solution for the beauty industry, Highstoke Media has quickly become a leading provider of marketing for top PMU artists worldwide. With the mission to help artists to thrive instead of simply surviving, Highstoke strives to eliminate the problem of acquiring new clients. In the third issue of The PMU Masters, the top worldwide permanent makeup online magazine, Tran spells out his proven strategy that can assist any artist in filling their schedule with loyal clients.

A skilled marketing professional, Tran began his successful career in Silicon Valley. While he was successful, the nine to five was not fulfilling, and Tran packed his bags to begin his career utilizing his marketing skills to grow his own business. He founded Highstoke Media to provide a solution to a pervasive problem faced by many artists in the beauty industry — how to grow their business and client base reliably. Since its inception, Highstoke Media has worked with over 1100 clients in 15 countries.

While Highstoke only works with the top five percent of luxury beauty professionals, Tran generously shares his proven strategies through media outlets. “The PMU industry is growing quickly,” remarked Tran. “We can’t work directly with every artist who could benefit from partnering with a skilled beauty marketing agency like Highstoke. However, we can reach a lot of professionals through existing industry media outlets like The PMU Masters.”

Highstoke’s approach to marketing permanent makeup artists consists of five simple steps.

  1. Attract – Get your message in front of the right people.
  2. Engage – Generate interest in what you have to offer.
  3. Capture – Inspire people to sign up to hear more.
  4. Nurture – Develop a trusting relationship with potential clients.
  5. Convert – Create loyal customers by offering exceptional customer service.

For those desiring to engage directly with Highstoke’s team of marketing experts, as well as other PMU artists, Hightstoke offers the Highstoke Society. This group of PMU artists and marketing professionals supports one another through shared experiences and industry knowledge.

“Any talented artist can be successful,” said Tran. “But, it helps to know how to get more PMU clients. Many artists spend too much time and energy on outdated tactics before they discover what really works. Relying on the experience and expertise of others can be a huge boost to any PMU business.”

Highstoke Media is the only PMU growth partner that handles both marketing and sales, allowing artists more time to focus on what they do best. To learn more about Highstoke Media and its marketing strategies to help clients keep their schedules full, visit www.highstoke-media.com.

About Highstoke Media

Highstoke Media is a global multi-million dollar marketing partner impacting the lives of thousands of PMU artists around the world. They aim to help worldwide PMU artists build their dream business so they never have to worry about new clients again, while helping them serve more people and impact their community.

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