Hong Kong seeks to make the maritime sector in Asia a hub to attract more business opportunities.

Hong Kong seeks to make the maritime sector in Asia a hub to attract more business opportunities.

The Hong Kong government has long term plans for the hk maritime industry, the government seeks to position the industry as a hub in Asia, this is intended to attract more business opportunities for Hong Kong and Asia as a continent.

On the 21st Of November 2022, the opening ceremony of Hong Kong Maritime Week 2022 (HKMW 2022), which is a major annual event of the maritime and port industries in Hong Kong, was held. This event brought together industry leaders, government officials, and scholars in both physical and online settings.

Through various events spread over a single week, the Hong Kong Maritime and Port Board (HKMPB) presented Hong Kong to the rest of the world as an attractive location for doing business related to the maritime industry as part of the HKMW 2022. Additionally, the event educates the community about the contributions that the port and marine sectors of Hong Kong have made to the city’s economy.

During the opening ceremony, a pre-recorded address was played in which the Chief Executive, Mr. John Lee, remarked, “The National 14th Five-Year Plan prioritizes maintaining Hong Kong’s position as a leading international maritime hub. This includes developing marine services with high added value for better integrating Hong Kong into the general growth of our nation and, more particularly, the role that Hong Kong will play in creating a port cluster of world-class caliber. In my Policy Address from the previous month, I emphasized that we would fully use our position as a high-value-added marine services center and a significant transhipment hub in the Asia-Pacific region. This will be accomplished by completely capitalizing on our position.”

Mr. Lam Sai-hung, both the Chairman of the HKMPB and the Secretary for Transport and Logistics, presided over the opening ceremony and delivered the following speech: “Maintaining the economic vitality of the marine cluster is of the highest significance. The government is committed to maintaining its proactive approach toward the growth of the marine sector and will continue to take the necessary steps in this regard. Examples of this include the implementation of tax breaks for businesses involved in shipping, the smart port project, and new programs for developing marine workforces. At the same time, we will never stop making use of the efforts made by the community to share the positive aspects of Hong Kong and highlight the city’s distinctive qualities. There is no other occasion more suitable for doing so than the HKMW.”

It is essential to highlight a selection of the critical events that took place at HKMW 2022. The topic of “The Future of the Sustainable Supply Chain: Connectivity, Collaboration, and Innovation” will be discussed at the following worldwide Asian Logistics, Maritime and Aviation Conference. The HKMW Orienteering Race 2022 is a competition with prizes in which contestants must visit numerous predetermined sites within four hours and then be assessed with questions on their knowledge of maritime topics to win those prizes. Organizations such as Mare Forum, an international naval event organizer, and Seatrade Maritime News will hold webinars in Hong Kong, a media outlet specializing in naval news. The purpose of these webinars is to engage the industry in discussion on topics such as high-value-added maritime services and maritime technology. The Economist Impact will also preside over a “World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific Insight Hour seminar.” At this event, naval industry practitioners was asked to share their perspectives on the development of the industry and its plans, as well as their observations on global trends, variations, and strategies for decarbonization.

Seven days in a row, around forty more events took place to support the Hong Kong Marine Week in 2022. These events was organized by local, Mainland, and worldwide marine institutions. Building up the maritime talent pool, the development of the Greater Bay Area that encompasses Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao, education and careers, environmentally friendly shipping, naval technology, ports and logistics, shipping and maritime, and high-value-added services such as marine insurance, maritime law and arbitration, ship finance, and ship management are some of the topics that were discussed.

This was the sixth iteration of Hong Kong Music Week. The Hong Kong Shipowners Association and the Hong Kong Maritime Museum were both partners in the organization of this event, in addition to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Invest Hong Kong, co-organizers of the event. Please visit www.hkmw.hk for further information on HKMW 2022.

November 21st 2022 was the day of the opening ceremony of Hong Kong Maritime Week 2022, which is a significant annual event for the maritime and port sectors in Hong Kong, took place. Photo shows the Chairman of the Hong Kong Maritime and Port Board (HKMPB) and the Secretary for Transport and Logistics, Mr. Lam Sai-hung (center), along with the Permanent Secretary for Transport and Logistics, Ms. Mable Chan (fourth left); the Director of Marine, Ms. Carol Yuen (third left); the Chairman of the Promotion and External Relations Committee of the HKMPB, Miss Rosita Lau (fourth right); and the Chairman of the Maritime and Port Development Committee of the HKMP.

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