Integrity Coin Introduces Its Matrix to Wealth Investors Don’t Want to Miss

Integrity Coin Introduces Its Matrix to Wealth Investors Don’t Want to Miss

London, England, July 16, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Integrity Coin has announced its plan to build wealth for the token and all that hold it. The team behind Integrity Coin has years of experience in trading and business. The founders aim to make this project a household name in bridging the gap between crypto and fiat.

The project, which runs on the Binance Smart Chain network, features a hyper-deflationary token that rewards holders with BUSD. Integrity’s community has exploded on Telegram and is growing rapidly on Twitter.

Introducing the Integrity Coin Ecosystem

Integrity Coin has recently unveiled its competitive offer to the market. The project intends to create one-of-a-kind utilities based on the team’s knowledge of the flaws and challenges of the crypto market.

Once the project launches its token, all holders will receive a part of this company’s profits in a dividend-style mechanism.

The Project’s Strategy to Build Wealth

One of the most anticipated developments is introducing a payment platform in the project’s ecosystem. This feature will enable using cryptocurrencies for online purchases through online retail stores as an alternative to fiat currencies. 

The payment platform has been designed to offer an effortless and seamless user experience driving easy adoption for both businesses and users. The platform will be open to the entire crypto community, maximizing the potential for mass adoption. 

The payment platform will take a very small percentage of the transaction value compared to fees paid through the current systems in place, which will feed back into the tokens ecosystem and reward holders similar to cashback.

Cryptocurrency bear and bull cycles can hurt a project’s revenue and cash flow. The team will leverage its experience in the forex markets, with profits entering the token ecosystem, to fight this issue. 

The team is already in the process of getting funded trading accounts. This operation will enable the team to obtain substantial income from fiat investors to trade. The profits gained will feed into the tokens ecosystem and be used for business growth and rewarding holders.

Scams abound in the crypto industry because of a lack of market transparency. In order to keep investors safe, Integrity Coin plans to build a custom messaging platform between teams and traders.

The founders explain that Integrity Coin’s best contract feature is an airdrop system created with the project’s payment platform and trading facilities in mind. BUSD generated from utilities sent to the contract will be divided 100% among holders of the project’s tokens which is revolutionary compared to the current mechanism of reward distribution.

It is the goal of the project to ensure earnings that are significantly more tempting than the ones coming with traditional tokens. 

Moreover, the project’s team has stated that it would be able to survive the present bear market. This company promises it has enough money to get through this challenging time
without going out of business.

A KYC’d Team with an Audited Smart Contract

The team has already set up videos and live meetings with its community to be fully doxed and also has personal LinkedIn and Twitter profiles linked on the Integrity website. Furthermore, all members have completed an independent KYC procedure, a step to prove a team’s commitment to the safety of its holders and community.

Each team member is an expert in his profession and the co-founders have run a successful business before. In terms of security, Solidity Finance has audited the project’s smart contract with a positive outcome.

About Integrity Coin

Integrity Coin is a new cryptocurrency initiative that intends to build a wealth-creating environment in the cryptocurrency market. Holders of the hyper-deflationary Integrity Coin token receive BUSD, and the project’s team has years of trading and business expertise.

The project’s presale round will happen through the Reflex Launchpad on July 16th at 7 PM UTC, while Integrity Coin will officially launch on July 23rd. 

The project’s website and social media pages below contain more information about its growing initiative and community.

Telegram | Twitter

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