Jerome Myers Hires Strategist Danielle Baker as COO of DreamCatchers

Jerome Myers Hires Strategist Danielle Baker as COO of DreamCatchers

Host and Chief Inspiration Officer of DreamCatchers, Jerome Myers hires an experienced executive manager and strategist Danielle Baker to manage day-to-day operations of the business as Chief Operations Officer.

When Jerome Myers hosted his first episode of DreamCatchers in 2019, he gave listeners a unique opportunity to learn from other individuals with the courage to pursue their dreams. Three years later, DreamCatchers has grown far beyond the bounds of a podcast and now hosts events, coaching sessions and leadership development meetings worldwide. Myers is pleased to announce that Danielle Baker will be joining the DreamCatchers team in the role of COO.

Myers began his own dream realization journey when he left corporate America to become a real estate investor. While the road presented many unanticipated challenges, Myers relied on his grit and determination to push through and overcome them. Now a thought leader in multifamily real estate investing and a top coach for financial advisors, he uses DreamCatchers to help individuals stuck in the matrix of everyday life have the courage to take the first steps towards making their dreams a reality too.

With the brand now flourishing, Myers determined it was time to hire a Chief Operations Officer to assist him in managing the business. “I could see DreamCatchers growing and the demands on my time becoming more significant,” remarked Myers. “But I also knew how important the DreamCatchers programs and events are and how impactful they can be to our attendees. It was clear that we needed another person who could devote their whole time and attention to it.”

With over 20 years of executive management experience and a doctorate in business administration, Danielle Baker has much to offer at DreamCatchers. Ms. Baker most recently worked at the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia, where she was responsible for overseeing the institution’s business strategy, developing external partnerships, acting as liaison to key stakeholders, and supporting and leading special projects and initiatives among many other responsibilities.

As COO, Ms. Baker’s responsibilities will include:

  • Helping to execute and implement DreamCatcher events such as masterminds, coaching, and live events
  • Cultivating a culture that offers best-in-class professional and personal development
  • Designing and developing the group coaching curriculum
  • Working with the founder to oversee financial reports, budgets, and expenditures
  • Developing relationships and representing the company to third parties

“I am thrilled that Ms. Baker has accepted the position as COO,” said Myers. “Her unique experience and qualifications will make her a great asset to DreamCatchers. With her at the helm, I can focus on my responsibilities as a business coach for financial planners and know that I don’t have to worry about the day-to-day operations.”

As a recognized leader in his field, Myers has been featured in Black Enterprise, CBS, and Entrepreneur. To find out more about Jerome Myers or upcoming DreamCatchers events, visit

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