Junhe® BG3012 Stepping Tray-Type Curing Furnace Sells Well

Junhe® BG3012 Stepping Tray-Type Curing Furnace Sells Well

In the new era of artificial intelligence leading the industrial revolution, an increasing number of businesses are investing in more machines and intelligent equipment for production operations, which not only improves work efficiency but also greatly reduces labor costs. With the rise in traditional labor costs and the increase in production requirements, intelligent, convenient, safe and environmentally friendly coating equipment produced by high-quality coating machine suppliers has become an urgent need in the coating field.

Six-basket planet type coating machine DSP T400 from Junhe has been sold to more than 20 countries over the years, and has received infinite praise from many companies at home and abroad!

Junhe has recently launched its latest product BG3012 stepping tray-type curing furnace, which adopts brand new technology and process, so it’s more intelligent, more convenient, and more energy-saving! Here the major five features of such curing furnace are introduced briefly to help you better understand it.



1. Module standardization

Stable performance, modular and standardized design, whole machine assembly, plug-and-play, easy installation, intelligent selection, easy upgrade, matching with Junhe standard coating machine without debugging.

2. Small occupation

Compact equipment, multi-layer integrated three-dimensional structure, nearly two-thirds less area than conventional curing furnace.

3. Energy saving and environmental friendly

Recovery of cooling waste heat, integral enclosed design, centralized collection of exhaust air.

4. Excellent batch management

Stepping tray type continuous pre-heating and curing, each tray matched with each basket of coating machine, batch data control, prevention of mixing parts, and good batch management.

Stepping tray conveying allows full process tracking and visualization of process parameters.

5. Low operating cost

Mutual control of pre-heating, curing and cooling energy, energy saving, saving more than 20 % than conventional curing furnace, one side loading and unloading, reducing intelligent investment and labor cost.

Energy-saving and efficient, stable furnace temperature, temperature control within ±5 ℃.Loading and unloading can be docked to a variety of intelligent logistics.For more information about Dacromet coating and Dacromet equipment, you’re welcome to visit Junhe.


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