KOL: JASMINER X4 is the most worthwhile investment

KOL: JASMINER X4 is the most worthwhile investment

In the current cryptocurrency mining market, the most popular are undoubtedly low-power mining rigs. Compared with traditional mining equipment, its biggest advantage is energy saving and environmental protection, which not only reduces energy consumption, but also helps miners reduce the high expenditure on electricity, and is more convenient and worry-free in the use experience.

Not long ago, JASMINER released the X4 series of high-throughput servers equipped with the world’s first high-throughput integrated storage and computing chips. They take “high throughput, high hash rate, low power consumption” as the key performance, the power consumption is extremely reduced, and the price is very close to the people. But this does not mean that it will shrink in terms of mining revenue and experience, and judging from the evaluation feedback from KOLs and technology media in the field of encryption, they may be the most worthwhile investment in low-power mining rigs in the past two years.

High efficiency and high profit

The high-efficiency mining of JASMINER X4 is a highlight that is most praised by KOLs. For example, @Jimmy is Promo posted a review video to fans after using JASMINER X4-1U for 30 days, praising JASMINER as the most efficient Ethereum miner ever.

In the specific evaluation, @Jimmy is Promo analyzed the equipment cost and profit. He said that with the increasing difficulty of mining, we can still see profits on the 1U server in less than a year, and when ETH shifts from PoW to PoS, JASMINER X4 1U can also continue to mine ETC. The JASMINER X4 1U has a hash rate of 520MH/s, but consumes only 240W of power, which equates to only about 69 cents of power per day, keeping profits growing even in the current bear market.

Excellent choice for mining ETC

For users, in addition to super-level powerful performance, being able to support the mining of multiple cryptocurrencies is also an important core competitiveness. From the comments of another KOL @Red Panda Mining, “If you trust ETC and are prepared to be on ETC for a long time, then JASMINER will be a good choice for you, as it is equally efficient whether mining ETH or ETC. “

@RedPandaMining focuses on evaluating JASMINER’s IP packet data delivery, and during the forty minutes the video runs, it shows that JASMINER servers have been strong, debunking past rumors or conspiracies that JASMINER is a “cloud miner”. He said that the efficiency of JASMINER is really very high, whether it is the 520MH/s X4 1U or the 450MH/s 1U-C, their power consumption is only 240w, this extreme parameter match brings incredible efficiency and energy saving to users, it is the most efficient mining device that can be used to get ETH or ETC so far, even no other GPU can be more efficient than this.

Meet the needs of home mining

In addition to its extremely low power consumption, which consumes almost no excess power costs, JASMINER also has an important advantage in its innovative form design. For example, the JASMINER X4 1U is the application of 1U standard specifications, and the new JASMINER X4-Q just launched this year is the application of 3U standard specifications, different forms to adapt to multiple scenarios mining experience.

During @Jumperbillijumper’s experience, he found that what he liked most about the JASMINER X4 was that it could be placed at home without generating excess noise, which was completely different from the large mining rigs used in the past, and even in such a lightweight form the JASMINER X4 still maintained a strong computing performance, so the actual performance was really satisfactory.

Overall, JASMINER X4 series high throughput server as a series of ace products to cut into the low-power mining track, whether it is the user evaluation, or the above-mentioned KOL test feedback, can see its own strength in the mining market, JASMINER “high throughput, high hash rate, low power consumption” brand proposition has also been deeply rooted in people. Therefore, the JASMINER X4 has unparalleled absolute advantages over other products in terms of hash rate performance configuration, reduced power costs, increased mining revenue and many other aspects. For users who intend to invest in low-power mining machines in the near future, the JASMINER X4 is definitely worth considering.

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