Leander Tree Experts Helps Homeowner Avoid Extreme Roof Damage with Quick Emergency Tree Removal

Leander Tree Experts Helps Homeowner Avoid Extreme Roof Damage with Quick Emergency Tree Removal


Leander, Texas – Yesterday, Jimmy Carter had to call Leander Tree Experts in the middle of the night. The homeowner told a group of reporters that he was woken up at about 1:30 am by a loud cracking sound—one of the trees in his backyard had been dead for quite a long time and had finally given on remaining upright after decaying from the inside.


“When the family went outside to take a look at the tree,” said Jimmy, “everyone was surprised to learn that the tree was just a few inches from the roof. The tree was relying on a huge oak tree branch to avoid landing on the roof. The oak branch, however, did not look too strong—this meant that the chances of this branch snapping and allowing the tree to land on the house were very high.”

The homeowner noted that he was extremely confused about what to do because he knew nothing about tree care companies operating in the middle of the night. He also knew most of his friends were asleep and could not call them to learn about tree care companies offering emergency tree removal services at that particular time.

“The internet was the only solution,” said Jimmy, “and the good news is that when the family searched ‘emergency tree service company’ Leander Tree Experts appeared in the search results in under a minute. Clicking on the company’s website and learning that it operated on a 24/7 basis was more like a blessing straight from heaven.”

To learn more about the services offered by Leander Tree Experts, visit the company’s website here: https://www.treeexpertsaustin.com/tree-service-leander/.

Jimmy noted that even though the Leander Tree Experts website indicated that the team operated on a 24/7 basis, he was still not sure the company would pick up his call when he did call. He knew a lot of companies in Texas did promise 24/7 service, only to not keep their promise.

“Calling the company was extremely easy,” said Jimmy. “After all, they had a click-to-call button on the website. When the call started ringing, the family was more than happy. The first ring did not end before someone in the office picked up the phone and started engaging wanting to know how the company could help.”

Jimmy noted that the only thing the family had to do was provide the location of their home. The Leander Tree Experts emergency tree removal team reportedly arrived on the landscape about 30 minutes later.

“The company arrived exactly at about 2:05 am,” said Jimmy. “The wife was so anxious and panicky that she kept checking her watch every minute—this is how the family realized the exact time Leander Tree Experts arrived.”

The homeowner was impressed by the fact that the company had brought powerful machines and advanced lights that turned the worksite into daytime. He was impressed with the fact that the company’s work on the tree started less than 5 minutes after their arrival.

“The team was very efficient and very high energy,” said Jimmy. “The team had attached the damaged tree to the crane and started working on bringing it down safely about 5 minutes after they turned on their powerful lights. The entire tree removal procedure took about one and a half hours. What was impressive is that the company ensured that zero damage was done to the home during the tree improvement procedure.”

The homeowner was impressed when he learned that the Leander Tree Experts would charge him a very affordable fee. What’s more, he loved the fact that the company removed the stump and cleaned up before leaving.

Leander Tree Experts’ base of operation is located at 1715 W Whitestone Blvd, Leander, TX 78641, United States. The company can be contacted at +1 512-980-1748 and [email protected]

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