Learn More about How Fort Lauderdale Happy Hour Started according to Realtimecampaign.com

Learn More about How Fort Lauderdale Happy Hour Started according to Realtimecampaign.com

Learn More about How Fort Lauderdale Happy Hour Started according to Realtimecampaign.com

Many individuals want to have a drink when they get off work. If they can eat appetizers while having this drink, they will do so. In fact, this tradition has become so commonplace that men and women now refer to it as happy hour. How did this tradition begin? 

The Origins of Happy Hour

Happy hour first originated before prohibition, and it was U.S. Navy sailors who gave it the name. Initially, it had nothing to do with alcohol. However, prohibition changed that. A person who wants to drink will find a way to do so. Happy hour allows them to enjoy a refreshing beverage, munch on snacks, and spend time with others. It’s no surprise that it remains popular today, as these three activities are ones countless people love. 

The Original Happy Hour

When U.S. Navy sailors first started happy hour, they didn’t drink alcohol. This hour was a time for them to enjoy an entertainment program and alleviate the boredom they experienced while at sea. During happy hour, the sailors would dance, listen to live music, watch a movie, or have boxing matches. For more information, take a look at the site here to see how the tradition continues today. 

The Era of Prohibition

In 1920, a law was passed that forbade Americans from consuming, producing, or selling alcohol. This law was known as Prohibition. Authorities soon found it difficult to enforce the law, as people would produce, drink, and sell these beverages undercover. This led to the introduction of the cocktail hour. 

The Cocktail Hour

The cocktail hour served as a 20th-century social activity. Friends would gather at a speakeasy or a person’s home and have an alcoholic beverage before heading out to dinner. Over time, the name happy hours became associated with this period. The people were happy because they were able to drink and they would spend approximately an hour engaging in this activity before heading out for dinner. 

The End of Prohibition

While Prohibition came to an end in 1933, happy hour remained. Restaurant and bar owners wanted people to visit their establishments to have a drink before dinner. As a result, they began discounting cocktails and bar food to encourage people to gather. This tradition continues today, so plan a visit to Rivertail to take part in the fun. 

The Modern Happy Hour

Restaurant and bar owners continue to look for ways to draw people in, and happy hour serves as a good way to accomplish this goal. In fact, happy hour became so popular that some states have opted to ban the practice. These states cite an increase in alcohol-related accidents as the reason for the ban. These states include Vermont, Massachusetts, and Indiana. However, people can still take advantage of Miami Food Events This Week: Wine with Ugly Labels, Sour Things, and Tail Waggin’ Terrace.

The next time one gathers with family or friends for happy hour, share the story of how the tradition originated. When doing so, have everyone make a toast to the sailors who originated the practice and those who took it over during Prohibition. They are the reason people gather today for discounted bar food and drinks, and they are the ones who are benefiting.

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