Learn These Tips And Give Your Palm Tree The Perfect Trim

Learn These Tips And Give Your Palm Tree The Perfect Trim

Fort Lauderdale, being a coastal town, has a lot of palm trees. While many may think that all palm tree species are native to Fort Lauderdale, you may be shocked to learn that only 12 are native to Florida in general. The majority of the trees are actually non-native. To be precise, did you know that the coconut palm tree is not from Florida?

The coconut palm tree is actually from the coastal towns of India though some will argue that the tree is from other regions of Southeast Asia. You may be pleasantly surprised if you take time and study to find out which palm trees you have and if they are natives. Below you will find tips that will help you take care of your palm tree trimming needs- for both a native and a non-native palm tree.

Why palm tree trimming is necessary

Palm Tree Trimming

Have you ever wondered why people do the things they do? In this specific case, why do people trim their palm trees? If you have seen palm trees all over the world, their stems always look so clean, unlike other trees. They don’t seem like they need trimming, right?  But if you own one, you know how a palm tree can overgrow with pods. Here’s why you need to trim your palm tree:

Palm trees are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and popular indoor houseplants, and because of their decorative look, many people plant them in their houses. However, the major issue about this plant is “leaves often turn into yellow”. It is true, and you can even try by planting one in the house or yard. These yellowish fronds make the appearance of these trees dull, and it doesn’t look to charming as before. This is why pruning is necessary to give them a fresh look.

The leaves of these plants turn yellow frequently but don’t worry because it is normal. It happens when baby plants or new fronds appear. Without this, there are other reasons, like – most of these palms prefer high humidity, and when it falls, plants start dropping off the leaves. Sometimes, water stress can also be a reason for dropping the leaves as they want to reduce consumption. Read more from Conserve Energy Future…

How often do you need to trim your palm tree?

Palm Tree Trimming

The best time to trim your palm tree is during spring. Also, it is best to trim your tree not more than twice a year. Another pointer you can use to know when to trim your palm tree is the color of the leaves. They will tell you how healthy your tree is. Green is a sign of good health and yellow for poor health. Once you see yellow, it’s time to trim.

As an expert would have it, the best time for pruning, is during spring (1). Experts recommend that you trim your palm tree only 1 or 2 times a year.

While the dead branches may be not be particularly aesthetically pleasing, they will keep the palm from the winter cold and summer heat. They also provide the plant with extra nutrients, as organic mulch.

If you need to consider palm tree removal, specialists say that complete palm tree removal can be carried out at almost any time of year, these companies will also remove the palm tree roots from the site.

Although if you were to want to use the palm wood as firewood, you should maybe do it at the onset of winter. Read more from Bovees…

What should you avoid when trimming?

Learn These Tips And Give Your Palm Tree The Perfect Trim

As you read in the second point above, yellow is a sign of bad health and green is for good health. And you should only trim off the yellow fonds. Just like other trees, the green fonds are important for making food for the tree. You do not just need a good-looking tree, you also need a healthy tree. So make sure as you trim your tree that you only trim the yellow and dry fonds.

You must avoid pruning the green fronds since it breaks the balance of the palm tree, weakening it, delaying its development, and causing a loss of nutrients.

Eliminate the dry fronds. Moreover, avoid removing the green ones, even if they deteriorate. A badly trimmed palm will reduce its growth. Therefore, you must be careful when making the cuts.

As an extra tip, we advise you to prune the palm flowers as they take energy away from the tree, create hazards for people walking below, and attract pests. Read more from Tree Services Little Rock

One of the remedies to a poor trim job is getting an experienced professional tree service company near you. In Fort Lauderdale, EPS Landscaping and Tree Services has consistently stood out for the excellent tree services we offer. We will give your palm trees the quality trim they need. Reach out to us right away!

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