Leigh Brain & Spine Heals Backpain Once And For All With Professional Spinal Decompression Services.

Leigh Brain & Spine Heals Backpain Once And For All With Professional Spinal Decompression Services.

Leigh Brain and Spine is the #1 neurofeedback and chiropractic clinic in Chapel Hill, NC. Their experts provide solutions to a diverse range of pain and cognitive issues focusing on overall body health.

Leigh Brain and Spine helps patients with chronic pain and neurological disorders overcome their challenges. Doctors Cosmas and Trish Leigh, cofounders and CEOs, use advanced neurological and physiological testing modalities, such as qEEG Brain Mapping, to assess neurological function, determine the cause of the problem and provide an optimal solution.

Leigh Brain and Spine receives all types of patients every day. From athletes in need of a drug-free pain-relieving solution to people dealing with ADHD looking to reduce their anxiety. They’re popular for performing non-surgical procedures with very positive outcomes for any neurological issue.

Spinal decompression therapy is one of the most demanded services in the clinic. This is a non-surgical procedure that involves gentle and strategic pulls on the spine to relieve lower back, neck, sciatica pain, and degenerative disc disease in the neck and lumbar regions.

Leigh Brain and Spine’s back decompression program focuses on healing the disc and improving muscular control of the neck and back for long-term results. Each decompression therapy session is only 20 minutes long inside a specially designed room for every patient’s comfort and safety. Patients must be as relaxed as possible for the healing process to be effective.

Leigh Brain and Spine benefits its patients with personalized treatment plans. Spinal decompression professionals will advise patients to follow an 8-week treatment; however, this will depend on their needs and medical conditions. 85% of patients claim that they’ve felt extreme pain relief after their therapy sessions.

Back decompression therapy promotes the movement of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids into the discs so they can heal. It’s ideal for anyone suffering from constant pain and looking for a simple drug-free solution.

Leigh Brain and Spine is open to receiving anybody with neurological and chiropractic needs into their facilities. It’s time to begin living your best life without any limitations!

You can visit their clinic at 6110 Falconbridge Road, Suite 100 Chapel Hill, NC 27517, and book a consult through their website https://leighbrainandspine.com/. You can also schedule a visit by phone at 919-629-9124. Quit living with pain and visit Leigh Brain and Spine to get treated by the real brain and spine experts.

About Leigh Brain & Spine

Our mission is to provide top-tier, medication-free, non-invasive care for everyone in any walk of life. We offer spinal decompression, advanced chiropractic methods, Neurofeedback therapy, IgG food sensitivity testing, food supplements, and more to address pain, spinal injuries, cognitive functioning challenges, and gut health.

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