LuckyHash Launched Cryptocurrency Card Game to Loot Unlimited Rewards

LuckyHash Launched Cryptocurrency Card Game to Loot Unlimited Rewards

LuckyHash‘s lucky flip game has gone viral last year – hundreds of thousands of users have won considerable prizes from the event. Today, LuckyHash once again launched the “Flip Cards to Win $50,000 Airdrop” campaign. The users can draw BTC, ETH, WIN, SOL, TRX, USDT, saving trial funds, lucky points, mining coupons, and lucky tickets by flipping cards, and a 100% win rate is guaranteed. Click here

to loot the 50,000U prize pool and the 0.5ETH grand prize.

1. Various prizes whose values amount to $50,000 and 100% winning

What prizes are available? Users have the opportunity to draw the grand prizes of 0.01BTC; other mainstream cryptocurrencies such as ETH, WIN, SOL, TRX are also available; as well as saving trial funds and hashrate coupons. Users can purchase hashrate products at the lowest price, whose APY goes as high as 90%.

There are more prizes such as lucky points and lucky ticket vouchers. Not only can  participants win unlimited rewards simply by collecting lucky points, but also can they use Lucky Ticket to participate mini virtual asset slot machine game, which can practically 1000x assets within 10 minutes! For details about LuckyTicket, please view our previous article

2.The Grand Prize features 0.5ETH, Double the Luck!

LuckyHash also added an ultimate event of “Lighting up Lucky Letters”: when flipping cards, users will get an additional reward called lucky letter “L”, “U” , “C”, “K”, “Y”. One random user, among whom successfully collects all “LUCKY” letters, will be granted the ultimate prize of 0.5ETH after the event.

In addition, to let users flip cards more frequently, this round of lucky flip game has specially set up a number of simple tasks to obtain lucky points, such as: daily login, Newsletter subscription, joining telegram community, following official Twitter, making the first deposit, and purchasing products. The most interesting task among them is: the task of inviting friends to obtain unlimited lucky points. The user can get 3 lucky points for each invitation of a friend to complete the registration. What unlimited card flipping opportunities!

In this round of lucky flip game, there are three tiers of cards: R card that is worth 5 points; SR card that is worth 10 points; SSR card that is worth 20 points. The higher the card level, the bigger the prizes it contains. SSR cards have higher chances to win BTC.

Check the image below to learn how to farmlucky points:

This round of “Lucky Flip Game” event lasts from 10 AM on February 15th to 10 AM on February 28th 2022. New users can get 5 lucky points to participate in a card flip for free when they register. Complete the registration through this registration link to receive a 10TRX reward within 3 business days.

Lucky Flip Game is bringing luck and fun to February. Visit LuckyHash to unlock mystery gifts!

LuckyHash is the world’s leading one-stop crypto asset management platform. It provides pledge-free mining hashrate leasing and warranted cryptocurrency interest-generating plans. 

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