Lynze Norman Is Set To Launch The First Book Off Her Children’s Book Series

Lynze Norman Is Set To Launch The First Book Off Her Children’s Book Series

Improving the mindset of children through engaging life lessons

Texas’s third-generation teacher, Lynze Norman, is thrilled to announce that the first book off her children’s book series titled ‘The Brainy Novice‘ is due out to be launched in the first week of March 2022 on Amazon. The book called ‘Jenny Penny and The School Bully’ contains life lessons with interesting hands-on activities that can keep children engaged till the end of the read. It reveals the benefits of treating people the right way and allows for an open conversation about how the simple act of treating people right can make a tremendous difference in life.

In summary, Jenny Penny and The School Bully talks about how Jenny Penny took ill and felt strange all over. While Betty bullied her a lot in school, she wondered why Betty treated her in such a terrible way. The most interesting part of the book is that at the end, children are allowed to share what they think about the story and engage in activities that will help them find the right way to treat people. The book is so unique that it has an interactive activity at the back and can be adopted by teachers and homeschool parents.

As a part of The Brainy Novice series, Lynze will launch two other books off the series before summer. The series is designed in such a way that it is engaging, attention-grabbing, and fascinating. It doesn’t just teach life lessons in the most creative way but also teaches character count lessons. All the books in the series are manuals for reshaping the behavioral patterns of children and instilling good morals in them. They contain Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) activities and physical activities for them to explore, exude their vibrant nature, and learn from the lessons. The books are great tools for gentle parenting; they teach children how to have maximum fun and be compassionate to others.

“I live in San Angelo, Texas, with my husband and two kids. I am a third-generation teacher who has a passion for education. Despite struggling in school due to severe dyslexia, I have overcome many obstacles. After being told that college may not be an option, I fought hard to fulfill my dream. My mission in life is to help all children find a love for reading. My niche or what sets my books about from other children’s books is that my books have hands on experiments or crafts that go with each book. The books are wonderful for teachers or parents. I also have a website where you can get full lesson plan printouts and activities for free,” said Lynze Norman.

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