Magiros Blattner, LLC, An Estate Planning Attorney, is Offering Exclusive Legal Services in Towson, MD

Magiros Blattner, LLC, An Estate Planning Attorney, is Offering Exclusive Legal Services in Towson, MD

Towson, MD: Magiros Blattner, LLC offers personalized estate planning services to clients in Towson. Some of the services provided by the firm include preparing the testamentary trust, trust administration, financial power of attorney, advance medical directive and living will, last will and testament, and probate. Considering families differ in what they care about most, assets, and other factors, the law firm offers personalized services, as a size fits all approach may not work in estate planning.

In addition to offering different services, the attorney assists the client in deciding which of the estate planning tools is ideal for them based on their unique circumstances. Knowing the right plan makes it easier for them to put everything in order and protect themselves and their loved ones. Clients also get assistance in knowing finer details in estate planning, such as the right processes and their costs. If there are changes in the planning rules, the firm updates the client and ensures their documents reflect the modifications.

The estate planning attorney organizes Family Wealth Planning Sessions to shed light on other important details for the new clients. During the meetings, for example, the experienced attorney clarifies to the client what would happen to their assets (and family) if something unexpected happens, such as death or a fatal accident. They also learn the best way to avoid lengthy court battles and avoid their assets ending up in the State Department of Unclaimed Property due to un-updated documents.

In addition, the estate planning attorney Towson MD encourages clients to communicate, especially when they need more information on a particular issue. They can also schedule a more in-depth meeting with the personal family lawyer, which is a better alternative if they need the attorney to shed more light on a specific estate planning matter. To encourage clients to ask questions when they are unsure, the firm offers a flat-fee billing — which is agreed to in advance.

Magiros Blattner, LLC has also invested in systems that make it easier for clients to ensure all the important documents are up-to-date. The attorneys understand that the clients have growing families, making it necessary to update their records regularly. To ensure all the required updates are captured in estate planning tools, the firm makes it easier for the client to access the attorneys, primarily through the phone and via scheduled meetings.

Magiros Blattner, LLC is located at 100 W Pennsylvania Ave #302, Towson, MD, 21204, US. Clients interested in estate planning services can contact the team at (410) 716-1500. Visit the website for more information.

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