Max “Mohsen” Motamedian Shows – The Benefits of Investing In Real Estate

Max “Mohsen” Motamedian Shows – The Benefits of Investing In Real Estate

California, USA– Mohsen Motamedian (Max Motamedian) Shows – Some people are scared of investment in real estate, and they feel it is better to invest in other assets.

Many people will tell you that it is not beneficial to invest in real estate, but this is not true. In a session, Mohsen Motamedian told us about the benefits of purchasing real estate. He tells us that this is one of the best ways to beat inflation and diversify the portfolio. We are sure that you would also have had doubts about investing in real estate but let us help you a little. On this page, we have shared all the benefits of investing in real estate as told by Max Motamedian.

The Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

So, let us now look at all the benefits that investments in real estate will give. These benefits are shared below, and we are sure that you would agree with Mohsen Motamedian on his thoughts.

  • Low-Risk Investment- First thing about real estate is that they are relatively low risk. In the case of equity, the company may go bankrupt, and you may lose money, but this is not true for real estate. It is a physical asset that you are holding, and land is always as valuable as gold. There could be negative price fluctuations in the short term, but real estate will outperform the market in the long term.
  • Capital Gains and Income- As per Mohsen Motamedian, another advantage of the real estate investment is that you get a steady flow of income if you rent it out. The capital gains come along with the real estate if you hold it for a few years. Both these ways can help you multiply your investment easily. You don’t have to manage the real estate as you do in the case of the equity portfolio. So, you must consider this benefit of the investment as well.
  • Tax Reduction- We are sure you are tired of paying high taxes to the government. We all think about saving money on taxes, and there is a way to do that. In most states, the interest paid on the property loan is tax-deductible. So, you benefit from a tax deduction when investing in real estate by leveraging a mortgage. For this benefit, you will find many people investing in real estate. It is even applicable to businesses.
  • Retirement Plans- Usually, by the age of 60, many of us retire. Some try and extend the work, but those are your golden years. You need to enjoy your life during those years, but you need financial security. You can only achieve this by having a steady flow of income. Max Motamedian tells us that investing in real estate today is the best way to plan your retirement. You have an asset that will generate an income for you.
  • Diversification of Portfolio-Mohsen Motamedian tells us that diversification is the key to any business. In such a case, you must hold a different kind of assets in your portfolio. The expectation is to have debt, equity, and even gold in the portfolio. You can diversify it further by adding real estate to your portfolio and benefit from the diversification. This will reduce your micro-economic risk, and it will also add assets to your balance sheet.
  • The Emotional Value- Talking about the residential property, many of us don’t like rental spaces. There is always an emotional value associated with your first house, and you can cater to those emotional needs by investing in residential real estate. The benefit here is that you are adding something that makes you happy. You won’t have to move every couple of years since you own that property. Moreover, you can modify the property the way you like. You can have pets, parties, and decorations without seeking permission from the landlord.
  • Financial Security- When you invest in real estate, you add a layer of financial security for yourself. We understand that you may have a reserve expense or something, but an additional layer of financial security is the foundation of a secure future. In case of emergency, you can make a distress sale and arrange a massive amount of funds in the nick of time.
  • Beat The Inflation- It is usually noticed that real estate’s capital appreciation is more than the inflation year on year. This way, you can hedge the inflation risk. So, when you invest in the property, you are immune to inflation. This is the best benefit of investing in real estate if the investment horizon is long. As mentioned earlier, you are also going to get the benefits of the capital appraisal as well.
  • Use as Collateral- There are times when you would need a loan. If the loan amount is on the higher side, the banks would expect collateral. You can use your property as collateral to get the loan in such a case. Max Motamedian tells us that the banks would consider this a secured loan, and the interest rates for the secured loans are usually lower than the unsecured ones. When investing in real estate, you are saving for the rainy day.
  • You Are The Decision Maker- If you are investing in a mutual fund, you are not directly managing the investment. Similarly, if you are investing in equity shares, you are not a decision-maker in the company. However, when investing in real estate, you are the complete owner, and you are the only decision-maker. You decide how to manage your assets and make the sale or purchase decision. So, if you like to be in complete control of things, then real estate investments are for you.

Final Verdict

This was all about the benefits of investing in real estate. After looking at the benefits, we are sure that you would feel motivated to invest in the market. However, don’t just take blank shots because that is a recipe for disaster. Instead, analyze the market and then purchase real estate. If you lack expertise in this domain, you can reach out to an expert like Max Motamedian, who can guide you and safeguard your interest. The guidance from such experts is the difference between profit and loss.

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