MCDAO’s first batch of NFT blind boxes has launched with more GameFi gameplay to experience

MCDAO’s first batch of NFT blind boxes has launched with more GameFi gameplay to experience

The first batch of MCDAO’s blind boxes has been open to global players on May 25  with a variable number of boxes sold out quickly on the first day, while the remaining snap-up quota will be opened on the 26th, until the first batch of a total of 2,500 blind boxes is sold out. In the future, the platform will continue to empower users and NFT holders who have opened the blind boxes to bring more exciting gameplay to the game.

MC DAO is the first Minecraft-based GameFi that is now available to players around the world and offers endless possibilities for adventure and exploration of the ever-changing landscape in 3D,which has achieved a great success judging from the number of users and community feedback since its launch.

In MC DAO, the majority of players can create a digital virtual world that mirrors the real world and realize a decentralized metaverse created entirely by players. MC DAO retains the fun experience of highly immersive interaction between Minecraft and the cube, with a variety of modes such as survival mode, creation mode and adventure mode repeatedly computing, and a variety of light and strange game scenes Explore the world, collect resources, synthesize items and survive adventures. From Minecraft to MC DAO, what has changed is the business model, but what remains the same is the quality of the game.

The metaverse is an all-encompassing and highly innovative new field. GameFi, as one of the entry directions, has brought revolutionary impact to the gaming field. In this wave, MCDAO actively embraces GameFi and will be committed to exploring the broader metaverse business in depth in the future to create a new digital space for players.

In MC DAO, the game’s economic system adopts a dual-currency model, containing $MC and $MCTX, so as to ensure a healthy and sustainable in-game economic ecology and to guarantee the continuous and stable appreciation of players’ profits.

In MCDAO, the NFT of Steve and Land is an indispensable part of the in-game crypto economy system, and by uploading game resources onto the chain, players can maximize their personal income from playing gold.

MC DAO prefers BNB Chain’s ERC721 protocol for casting. Each Steve NFT represents a unique digital identity and is available in both 2D and 3D versions, with 3D NFTs that can be set up with the player’s image in Minecraft.

A total of 6 Steve NFT avatars are available, including Frog, Doge, Cat, Mouse, Ape and Alien. There are also 120 Steve NFT image features, which are generated by the on-chain algorithm and different features abd will have different manifestations on specific Steve NFTs.

Steve NFT pledge unlocking mechanism.

After pledging Steve NFT into the game (please use Minecraft Java Edition version 1.18), players will produce MCTX tokens when playing the game, or they can rent Steve NFT to other players to collect rent. After pledging, sSteve NFT tokens will be generated as the player’s pledged equity.If the NFT shows that he is holding a steak, it means that the pledge has been successful.

Land NFTs are also minted based on the ERC721 protocol.Pledge Land NFT to get sLand NFT tokens, and players who own sLand NFTs can build and destroy buildings and equipment on the land.

Each piece of land in the game is an NFT and players need to access their personal settings to store items. Based on the spirit of openness and zero barrier experience, all unused Land NFTs in MC DAO are free for players to build and destroy, while supporting players to move to a second scenario in search of more land.

MC Token

MC, as the game use token, with the first issue of 300 million, mainly produced through the Genesis pool (accounting for 72%), institutions / technical community / city owners each 5% (15%), LP liquidity rewards (10%) and other distribution methods gradually released, to ensure $MC to meet the game circulation needs at the same time, not subject to inflationary devaluation, maximum protection of the long-term earnings of players.

MCTX, as the game’s asset liquidity token, is a token minted by agreement, mainly used for the purpose of providing asset liquidity for the game MC and NFT, using a compounding high yield model, with a total of 1 billion pieces.

Explore the vivid and mysterious main world of caves and cliffs, which comes to life with fun creatures and cubes, and encounter fun creatures, cubes and props. People can also make friends, build tools and construct structures that age slowly over time. Here people can climb towering mountains, uncover elaborate caves and dig huge veins of ore.people can also light up your world with candles and put a candle on the cake to celebrate being a savvy cave explorer and master climber.Of course, people can also explore lush caves and stalactite biomes, push boundaries by raising worlds, and traverse updated terrain. However, when people reach the heights, proceed cautiously to avoid being hit by goats.

In the village, players will need to defend themselves against new threats, build with new cubes and experience a new kind of village life. Here, the biomes, each in their own right, are in their own hands as user explore new villages that encompass a variety of different biomes, including workplaces, buildings, designs, and building opportunities. Win the trust of the villagers and explore the perfect trading system, while under the peaceful surface, there are actually hidden dangers. Predator outposts are quietly appearing in various parts of the main world, intending to launch an attack. Some predators even wander between biomes, picking quarrels and causing trouble, and players need to be ready to fight back at all times.

Prepare the crossbow and get it ready to fire! In this battle to defend the village, when the battle horn blew, the ill-fated villagers and the pillagers went their separate ways. Build invincible fortifications, equip it with new weapons and shields, and equip it to defeat attackers!

If getting into Hell, people can learn about the dark side of the MC DAO, an ancient kingdom beyond the overworld that most players have yet to explore. MC DAO brings new biomes, mobs and blocks to make the scorching hell even hotter.

MC DAO, a sandbox meta-universe of endless possibilities, is welcoming all to showcase their creative talents, exercise their survival skills, and earn their keep through constant building and destruction to quickly establish an unparalleled influence in the MC world.

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