Multibrand boutique «Dauri Club»: luxury goods all over the world.

Multibrand boutique «Dauri Club»: luxury goods all over the world.

Dauri Club are experts in the field of expensive watches, jewelry and other luxury goods. They have considerable experience in buying watches and other items, including extremely expensive ones, and they do it very carefully.

In addition to selling watches, jewelry and accessories, Dauri Club is also known for its high quality service center – «Dauri Service». It is engaged in service maintenance and repair of watches and jewelry, as well as advice on their care, so that your products retain their original appearance for as long as possible.

If you want, by the way, to know the cost of your product, you can always contact them. And if you wish to sell or exchange your watch or jewelry under the trade-in program, they would be happy to offer you a reasonable price.

Wide range of services. They buy, sell, repair and consult.

Global coverage. They offer service and delivery anywhere in the world.

Fast transactions. «We are quicker than banks. And in a matter of minutes we do what others can take several days.»

Special prices. You can just contact them.

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Published Sat, 26 Nov 2022 20:27:17 -0600

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