NEER Drives Low Carbon Life – A New Journey to the Asian Market

NEER Drives Low Carbon Life – A New Journey to the Asian Market

The butterfly effect of the persistence of the Russia-Ukraine war, the persistence of COVID-19, the frequent extreme weather and the rapid and rapid global warming has exacerbated the global energy crisis.

There will also be more opportunities in the crisis, such as the global electricity shortage and water shortage in 2022, and many countries around the world are trapped in a power crisis. This gives us more opportunities about electricity, especially in the photovoltaic sector. Global electricity demand is currently growing by more than 6% a year, and the birth of the crisis will lead to an exponential increase in demand rates.


NEE is one of the largest power and energy infrastructure companies in the United States, and is a leader in the renewable energy industry. NEE uses FPL’s power grid and traditional energy assets to invest in its new energy flagship company, NEER (NextEraEnergy Resources), and make it the world’s largest photovoltaic solar renewable power generation group.

NextEraEnergy Resources (hereinafter referred to as: NEER) is a software technology as the core, the photovoltaic system, charging system and energy storage system as one of the light storage related system integration business, focusing on electric vehicles / charging pile / battery power supply new energy industry export supplier, is the earliest application of the photovoltaic industry technology, is the earliest international TUV, DERKA communication test certification enterprises. Through Energy AI technology, the huge amounts of energy operation data collection and depth analysis, the smart grid model, solar and wind energy model, BSS operation model, demand side data model continuous simulation training, implements the accurate demand side response, generation forecast, BSS operation forecast to promote and achieve “carbon peak, carbon neutral” goal. As of October 2022, the company is engaged in the new energy research and development, production, sales, construction, service of the whole industry chain entity plate, with strong strength. As a strong photovoltaic module manufacturer in the United States, it has sold more than 15GW of photovoltaic modules to various countries. Green power generated by photovoltaic modules is equivalent to: reducing 1,080 tons of atmospheric carbon emissions; planting 620 million trees; 560 million incandescent light bulbs for two hours a day; and saving 6.4 million households.

NEER “drives low-carbon life” as its mission and actively responds to “carbon neutrality” as its goal. It is a photovoltaic integrated management system and photovoltaic module gradually integrating energy monitoring, intelligent scheduling, analysis and prediction. NEER’s export charging and discharge scheme is exported to more than 100 overseas countries and regions and more than 500 cities. NEER will continue to drive the development of the whole new energy track, so as to realize the optimization and balanced redistribution of social assets, and promote the balanced, sustainable and rapid development of human society.

As the world’s largest demand country in Asia, many countries have a huge demand for power infrastructure. In September 2022, NEER increased its investment in global markets, especially in Asian markets such as Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and China. At the same time, NEER Group has cooperated with many capital, risk control institutions and funds to quickly seize the Asian market. Here, an investment plan is launched to allow more institutions or individuals to participate in the development of the photovoltaic power industry in Asia, share the dividends of the photovoltaic power generation market demand, and create a global low-carbon and green economy.

Let’s work to contribute to global green development.

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