Nevermore Fitness & Wellness Offers CrossFit, Personal Training, and Nutrition Coaching in the Mt Washington / Towson MD Areas

How is Nevermore Different than other CrossFit Affiliates?

Any affiliate you walk into will say something similar…our coaches are great, our group loves each other, we compete hard but still have fun. So what makes NEVERMORE different?Nevbermore Fitness & Wellness logo
From the top-down, there is no “me-first” mentality…our coaching staff-to-member ratio is more than 1-to-10. As an athlete, you have access to over a dozen coaches’ experience, tips, personalities, philosophies, and cues. We program for YOU, not for me. There are no WOD cliques…all of our programs are open to all of our athletes and everyone is encouraged to participate!

We have a one-month commitment at all times…it is our belief that once you give us a fair shot you will continue to invest in your fitness.

We have amenities…sure CrossFit has a garage gym mentality, but let’s face it, these things are nice: showers, locker rooms, child care, towel service, air conditioning…all alongside a fleet of indoor rowers, a Rogue pull-up rig, Weightlifting platforms and blocks, loud music, and all the standard CrossFit toys! We train and operate based on a simple maxim: To look good naked and have fun getting there!
Do I need to be in shape to start CrossFit?
That’s like asking, “Do I need to lose weight before I change my diet?” We can scale any workout and modify any movement. The hardest part is walking through the door. Get in here!

Why is CrossFit more expensive than other gyms?

The real answer: Because it works! You have a coach to hone your technique, keep you safe and push you when you need it. You have workouts programmed for you…workouts that are time-tested and provide results. You have a community of like-minded people who will motivate you and hold you accountable. You have fun at the gym! It’s the same price as your Venti Iced Mocha and it’s cheaper than your personal trainer…

Nevermore Fitness & Wellness
1420 Clarkview Rd, Baltimore, MD 21209
(718) 308-1080
98JR+4V Baltimore, Maryland

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