Nicho NFT Marketplace, Bringing NFT to daily Life

Nicho NFT Marketplace, Bringing NFT to daily Life

The business value of multi-chain NFTs is known worldwide, the new era, this fertile ground to play its due economic strength.

Nicho NFT Marketplace is base on “technology + culture” and the construction of digital art flow solutions. In where the “culture” refers to the artwork, “technology “NFT (Non-Fungible Token) minting technology. As a form of crypto-digital currency that can interface with the real world, NFT gets rapid growth by effectively integrating with DeFi while leveraging the crypto-digital currency bull wave.

Nicho NFT Marketplace is an integrated decentralized trading platform that supports multi -chain NFT transactions, enabling a highly mobile and decentralized trading platform for millions of digital users worldwide to create, collect, and trade NFT artwork. Nicho NFT offers users many kinds of NFT creations such as artwork, collectibles, music, charity auctions, meta-world, GameFi, Sports NFT, Sneaker NFT, Etc. In addition to the functionality of the Dapp, they are also deploying the development of mobile apps where you can create new artworks using AI technology. Using these applications, you can use digital artwork in the NFT world developed a multi-chain decentralized NFT protocol that provides various essential services such as NFT asset generation, trading, maintenance, recovery, data processing, governance, Etc. Furthermore, developers can develop multiple products related to NFT assets creation, trading, analysis, derivatives, data, Etc., based on the DNFT protocol, which is dedicated to being the infrastructure supporting NFT multi-chain in the Web 3.0 era.

Art is inspired by life but transcends it. Nicho NFT wants to create a world of art for the community where everyone can enjoy and benefit from income by sharing their work. Metaverse is based on blockchain technology, a model of art production in the form of NFT, which will further expand Metaverse and the internet as a vehicle for digital art boundaries. At the same time, Nicho NFT will immediately partner with several Australian charities to create special homepages for these charities, with all proceeds paid directly into their e-wallets in cryptocurrency.


How Nicho NFT Marketplace breaks the limitations of NFT marketplace development. NFT saw explosive growth in 2021, and mainstream markets embraced the NFT boom. To address the current problems in the NFT market, Nicho NFT Marketplace makes it easy to convert all kinds of NFT into pledged tokens by using a flexible collection of multi-chain tools that allow NFT to have more functionality and to be integrated into more application scenarios, thus having more value. These features include economic value setting, on-chain royalties, leasing mechanisms, time/value/event locking, devaluation protection, and anti-fraud systems, enabling NFT to be applied in more areas, including the NFT market, DeFi market, sports, and digital sports market, Metaverse, and gaming market, AR and VR market, music market, real estate market, and financial market.

In fact, as a multi-chain NFT platform that integrates all types of NFT markets, all markets connected to the Nicho NFT Marketplace can operate on top of this same platform without the need to switch constantly. Furthermore, it allows users to convert any marketplace’s physical, digital objects and financial assets linked to the Nicho NFT Marketplace into NFT into platform tokens and multi-chain transactions. 


Nicho NFT hopes to establish a large-scale blockchain community through innovative products with multi-chain technology interaction support and high-performance SDK integration solutions. Therefore, the platform has its economic system or play logic on the chain as a whole, and the use of Layer2 technology to ensure high efficiency and low cost provides that the value of NFT in the game is more supported to protect the developer revenue and asset security.

In the future, the community’s ownership, governance, and economic system will be managed by the community. From the moment of its inception, Nicho NFT, the concept of decentralization, Web3, and DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is linked closely to the project, the idea of decentralization will lead the future trend of the world landscape. Nico NFT will not own these art assets; we only provide a trading platform and artist community. Moreover, in the future, through the power of web3, Nicho will gradually hand over the platform to DAO, which allows the community users and fans of the platform to become the owners and managers of the product.

As of press time, Nicho NFT has been deployed in BSC testnet for the final stage of testing, and we look forward to seeing the launch as soon as possible.

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