Personalized Healthcare At Your Availability With Pt Nurse

Personalized Healthcare At Your Availability With Pt Nurse

PT Nurse is an automated shift-scheduling application for Caregivers, CNAs, MedPassers, LPN, and RNs. They offer a modernized way of picking up healthcare regarding the traditional nursing services. With them, you can work at your own pace and as much as you want.

PT Nurse is a gig app for healthcare workers. The app dynamic is simple; health workers have to sign up to access the platform and start working on the schedule they prefer. PT Nurse offers a modernized, tech-driven way of picking up healthcare in the staffing.

It’s important to mention that healthcare workers must have proven experience in their field to get accepted. After requesting work with the app, PT Nurse ensures their workers are well qualified. They will review your documents and check if your experience matches their requirements to be part of their healthcare staffing.

PT Nurse offers a simple platform for their team to work efficiently. To get in, the first step is to sign up. After gaining access, caregivers post their open shifts and check their calendars. The healthcare professionals are available to pick up and drop shifts; however, PT will always cover your open shifts.

The location where you work only depends on the team. The platform has an added filter where the staff can check all the shifts they’re qualified for within a specific area. Furthermore, they are currently partnering with Lyft to offer their workers rides through the platform, which can be later paid with their shift earnings.

PT Nurse is known for always being outstanding with their workers. Their integrated support feature helps them stay in contact about current/upcoming shifts, healthcare professional conduct, and general questions. This chat feature can also be used to speak with support about your account, payouts, technical bugs, and general questions/concerns.

Payments are the most exciting part of the app. Healthcare workers can choose how to be paid for each shift. The platform offers automated invoicing and payments with a bank account or credit/debit card. Nonetheless, the team gets paid at different rates depending on their position, considering weekend and holiday pay with ad hoc bonuses.

If you are interested in earning money every week through outsourcing caregiving, reach PT Nurse on their website at

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