Pragmatism with a Personal Touch – Why People are Opting for Boutique Law Firms

Pragmatism with a Personal Touch – Why People are Opting for Boutique Law Firms

To the general public, the legal sector traditionally seems distant and – at times – even somewhat cold. On top of that, the law is deemed obscure at best, or, at worse, incomprehensible gibberish. These two factors combined are a recipe for disaster in this day and age where legal services intersect with all businesses at one point or another. Could a ‘boutique’ approach be the answer? 

In business, the term ‘boutique’ entails smaller-scaled organisations providing specialised services or catering for a particular segment of a sector. In general, there is more attention to detail as well as a sense of ‘closeness’ in client interaction. As such, boutique enterprises not only differentiate themselves through the scale of their organisation but also by the ‘personal touch’ they bring to each business dealing. 

‘When I started out with my own law firm’ Nicole Segal explains ‘I wanted to ensure Segal Lawyers would be able to allocate more time to build a strong client-lawyer relationship. It’s important my clients understand their legal situation from top to bottom. We’re known for our ability to digest complex topics and to explain each issue in clear and comprehensible terms. All of our clients appreciate our approach for communicating matters clearly without oversimplifying matters. It sets us apart and ensures our clients stay with us for a long term journey.’ In short, Segal Lawyer’s boutique approach is pragmatic and commercial, without losing sight of the person behind the problem. 

This paints Segal Lawyers in stark contrast with bigger traditional law offices. Walking a client through every step of the process, explaining the legal implications in relation to the options available and truly enabling clients to grasp their position. We apply a practical and commercial approach towards our clients’ matters. With boutique organisations being on the rise across a variety of sectors, the interpersonal relationship and trust with our clients assists our clients achieve great outcomes. 

Are you considering seeking a legal advisor and do you value a personal approach? Book a free 15 minute consultation to see if Segal Lawyers is the right fit for you.  

Published Sat, 20 Aug 2022 10:19:00 -0500

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