Praise of Life, driving the world’s third cultural renaissance in Italy

Praise of Life, driving the world’s third cultural renaissance in Italy

The 14th Renaissance brought a great revolution in science and art to the world, sweeping away the gloom brought by the plague that people had previously experienced, and bringing the world back to prosperity, unveiling a new prologue.


The Italian Renaissance pioneers, represented by Michelangelo, created magnificent statues of figures that became the typical symbol of the entire era and were the highest peak of Renaissance sculpture; while in the 21century, under the leadership of Zhai Peng, the Hongshan craftsman, “The Praise of Life”, with three “uniquenesses” and three In the century, under the leadership of Red Mountain craftsman Zhai Peng, “The Praise of Life” led the world to a third cultural renaissance with three “uniqueness” and three “breakthroughs”, and broke through Michelangelo’s restrictions on the original color of the works, and all the works were carved from a complete piece of beautiful jade, which is unprecedented in history. The Italian chapter will once again accelerate the development of human history and civilization.


Spaghetti with Caviar

Pasta is the most famous traditional Italian cuisine, since14 the beginning of the century, pasta has been slowly going global, many operas and novels in the Middle Ages mentioned pasta, even Napoleon in the Po River march, also through eating pasta to motivate morale, after hundreds of years of development history, pasta has become the world’s favorite. Carved from the entire jade, the pasta is presented without any coloring, all by the natural color of the jade, the texture of the pasta is tight and smooth, and the texture of the caviar is full of shape and appearance, making the viewer amazed.


Italian sausage pizza

Italian pizza originated in Naples and is an iconic Italian delicacy. The total number of pizzas sold in restaurants around the world now exceeds one hundred 50million. Records of pizza can be traced back to the 6th century BC, when Italian soldiers popularized a type of pie baked on a shield, and to Naples, where people sprinkled pizza with tomatoes, cheese and sausage, and this classic food became what we see today. The whole piece of beautiful jade carved from the Italian pizza, full of color, seems to be through the heat, jade to create the sausage slices are crystal clear, seems to be flooded with oil, people’s appetite.


Italian Lasagna

Italian lasagna is a common dish in Italian weekend family dinners and parties, with a history that also dates back to the 14th century. Unlike ordinary pasta, lasagna is like its name, with layers upon layers, and each layer has a different taste and flavor. In order to restore the texture of Italian lasagna, Hongshan craftsmen searched for jade raw materials with similar color and luster, and carefully carved out the thick texture of cheese between the noodles, restoring the lasagna to both its form and appearance.


In addition, the Hongshan craftsmen also restored a variety of Italian cuisine such as tomahawk steak, tiramisu squid elbow pasta, chicken tapas, etc., using the Oriental art form to perfectly demonstrate the colorfulness of the world’s cuisine.

The wave of the Italian Renaissance changed the development trajectory of the entire world and left an indelible mark on the long history of the world. This shows that the progress and development of the world begins with the progress and development in the field of culture, and the magnificent work of “The Praise of Life” is another great renaissance of mankind in the level of culture and art, which will directly promote the development process of the whole world and become another cultural movement with wide influence, profound and great in the history of mankind. As the wheels of the times slowly turn, the “Praise of Life” will be the brightest light leading the way ahead.

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