Discusses Finding Top Talent Using Pre Employment Testing Discusses Finding Top Talent Using Pre Employment Testing Discusses Finding Top Talent Using Pre Employment Testing

The search for candidates with the skills, work ethic, and demonstrated competence required by employers is no easy task. As people shift in and out of industries, the pool of applicants vying for a specific job can overwhelm employment specialists. Assessments provide a great way to weed out potential employees that might not be a good match for a company or an offered position.

Resumes still help employers select potential candidates looking for a job. However, testing is a way for an employer to learn more in-depth information about a prospective hire. An employee may need to display a desired psychological profile, interpersonal skills, and meet other criteria set by an employer.

What Can Employers Gain From Screening Employees

A great way to discover the benefits of employee screening is by reviewing an industry blog and its findings. Companies like Wonderlic are always relevant, as employers need proven, successful ways to screen candidates. When the job market becomes highly competitive with thousands of applicants throwing their hats in the ring, assessments make finding ideal hires more manageable.

Because of the relaxation of specific laws and concerns over what is permissible for employers to ask of potential employees, screening proves helpful. Many potential job candidates may be ruled out if recreational use of controlled substances is uncovered. Employers may want to look into issues like Pre-Employment Cannabis Testing: Is It Still Worth It? 

Typical Pre-Employment Screening and Assessments to Know

There is still plenty of value in pre-employment testing and using certified services to administer them to potential hires. Interested employees may be directed to visit a website that guides them through specific tests to determine viability to an employer. Because assessments can be generic or customized to look for specific criteria to determine eligibility for a job, employers continue to use them.

Most pre-employment assessments help give a better understanding of the following areas. 

Of course, there are other tests that an employer may want to use to figure out whether to hire a potential employee for a specific position. Assessments are by no means the only way to determine if someone is the right fit for a job, but they provide more information than a resume. Assessments that can accurately capture a better profile of a potential hire are of interest to employers, according to

How To Accurately Administer Pre-Employment Assessments

If an employer cannot hand out a paper assessment to a potential hire, they may want to lead interested applicants to fill out pre-employment tests online on a trusted site. Potential employees can quickly answer preset or open-ended questions to help employers get to know them better. Another option is to hire a company that conducts a range of different assessments and screenings to rule out potential hires that might not be a good fit.

The effort and energy it takes to hire a new employee take time and cost an employer a significant amount of money. Assessments and pre-employment screening can reduce wasted time and money caused by hiring the wrong people. Resumes and interviews are still excellent ways to get to know a potential hire, but tests and screenings can give an employer a more accurate idea of who is fit or unfit to hire.

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