Relationship Success and Marital Bliss by Overcoming Mental Blocks and Developing Empathy Through the Teachings of Magnetic Goddess Institute

Relationship Success and Marital Bliss by Overcoming Mental Blocks and Developing Empathy Through the Teachings of Magnetic Goddess Institute

Magnetic Goddess Institute is a platform through which Gabriela Chang helps women connect with their soulmates who value them for who they are. She helps women heal past trauma and initiate meaningful and healthy relationships with high-value men.

According to announcements released by Magnetic Goddess Institute and Gabriela Chang, she helps women in their 30s create and maintain a strong and lasting relationship with men worthy of their emotions. Women who have had their fill with dating and seek emotional bonding with the right man will benefit from the guidance provided by Gabriela Chang.

Gabriela Chang works with consciously aware women who are in a journey of self-discovery and awakening. Women who wish to create a conscious relationship with a high-value man which comes from a place of balance, deep understanding of each other, and alignment with one’s purpose. Magnetic Goddess Course enables women to understand themselves and the opposite sex better, educates them on the steps towards a fulfilling connection, and empowers them into making the decision that’s aligned with their soul in terms of what their relationship looks like.

The relationship coach is also a Leading Energy Healer. A spiritual guide, author, a Feminine Embodiment Coach, and Kundalini Dance Facilitator. She helps her clients stimulate their subconscious minds to latch onto frequencies that are elusive otherwise. With her support, women can rise above limitations and experience true love.

Gabriela enables women to rise spiritually and emotionally and get over past karmic bonds holding them back. She engages with other women in a loving, tender, and compassionate manner. Gabriela’s experience, education, and fortitude have enabled her to evolve into a spiritual priestess with more than a decade’s experience helping people create intimate and loving relationships. 

Her heartaches have imparted her the sensitivity to teach others to rise above their hurt and trauma to bask in their divine radiance. From being a fatherless and abandoned girl who’s had her share of failed relationships, Gabriela has come a long way by connecting with her subconscious and is today helping other women overcome their shadow selves by harnessing the power of their divine femininity.

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Gabriela Chang of Magnetic Goddess Institute said, “Practicing internal alchemy for the past 10 years has led me to an understanding how the masculine and feminine energies work together to create the world each one of us experiences. We perceive the world through our ego lens, and without cleansing our 3rd eye vision and trusting our intuition, we get locked up in a spin cycle that takes us farther away from enjoying life and being playful in our powerful, innocent, and sensual feminine energy. It’s through our free will that our ego chooses to live in fear and create the world we currently have. 

As modern women, we reject our feminine energy and believe being a strong, independent, know-it-all, and do-it-all woman is the right way, but this only makes us deny our womanhood and feminine power to compete with men and be more like them. My deep healing and formal educational background allow me to create a vortex for women to feel safe to release the blockages holding them back and become the best versions of themselves by giving them the tools and resources to heal themselves and like a domino effect, heal the world around them to have a greater impact on their communities and their families. It was not until I chose and allowed myself to be whole and complete again by unlocking my femininity that my life started to turn around…”

About the Company:

Magnetic Goddess Institute, run by Gabriela Chang, empowers women to break free of limiting behaviors and past bonds restraining them from getting into meaningful and lasting relationships with high value men. Gabriela is a certified health, life, transformational and mastery coach, and a Kundalini Dance Facilitator.

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