Reynolds Lake Oconee Builder, Kevin Aycock of Southern Luxury Homes, Rolls Out New List of Perks for Clients

Reynolds Lake Oconee Builder, Kevin Aycock of Southern Luxury Homes, Rolls Out New List of Perks for Clients

LAKE OCONEE, GA / ACCESSWIRE / April 18, 2022 / Luxury home designer and builder, Kevin Aycock, of Southern Luxury Homes is introducing exciting changes to provide a more engaging customer experience with his new design center, status as a manufacturing dealer, and growing list of partnerships with top architecture talents. These changes in the Southern Luxury Homes business strategy are going to introduce a collection of new benefits that this leader in home design will be able to pass on directly to their clients.

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Showcasing Luxury Design Elements

The biggest focus when designing someone’s dream home is all about choosing the right elements and features. Southern Luxury Home’s new design center is officially in action, and it is already expanding with more products from leading vendors. With this growing list of products, future homeowners can explore unlimited potential when making their own custom designs. Aycock encourages clients to “see it, touch it, and feel it” so they know exactly what they are selecting. Committed to only showcasing the best that manufacturers can offer, this talented team is raising the bar for home design.

Entering the Market as a Dealer for Customer Benefit

Though Aycock and his team are committed to designing and building luxury homes, he has made a bold move to become a dealer for a collection of top manufacturers. The already growing list is composed of leading brands, and Southern Luxury Homes plans to connect with more as time passes. However, this strategic shift is not about selling products. Rather, it is about being able to better meet the needs of Southern Luxury Home’s future clients.

This new status for Aycock and Southern Luxury Homes means that there is more power for this leader in building and design to offer better pricing and improved timelines. With this shift, Aycock and his team will be able to avoid supply chains and cut out distribution levels that can impede deliveries and slow down the building timeline. Adding to this, Southern Luxury Homes can secure better pricing and offer competitive costs for each product.

Connecting with Top Talents in Design and Architecture

Southern Luxury Design is a company that was built on creating dream homes for its customers, and Aycock is connecting with top talents to make it all possible. “We believe in pushing design to its limits,” Aycock says, referring to making that perfect home. “Good design is all about realizing potential.”

Dedicated to meeting clients on their own level, Aycock believes there is incredible value in working with different designers and architects. With each new partner, Southern Luxury Homes is growing their ability to connect their clients with top talents that can help them bring their style and vision to life. By being able to offer experts with different styles and designs, Aycock ensures that his clients will have the right designer or architect to bring their vision to life.

About Southern Luxury Homes

The philosophy of Southern Luxury Homes is simple: create beautiful houses that become homes, and homes that become part of the community for a lifetime. And Southern Luxury Homes does just that – through the incorporation of the newest trends and innovations combined with the utilization of the best quality materials and craftsmanship. Southern Luxury Homes is a dedicated home design company that helps its clients to identify the untapped dreams that can be used to create custom homes. With decades of experience, Kevin Aycock leads his team to greatness and provides custom home solutions that exceed the expectations of their clients every single time. Powered by a love for art and design, this group builds homes that highlight the luxury difference in a way that their clients can see and feel. A result of many years of experience in the building and real estate industry, the Southern Luxury Homes team possesses a keen eye for detail and an impressive level of expertise at every phase of the process – from breaking ground to welcoming you home.

Kevin Aycock of Southern Luxury Homes is an esteemed custom Lake Oconee Builder that believes homes should be tailored exactly to your wants and needs. Southern Luxury Homes builds custom homes that reflect the personality and tastes of its owners.

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