Sacrifice Ceremony to Xuanyuan Huangdi Held in Xiandu, China in Renyin Year (2022)

Sacrifice Ceremony to Xuanyuan Huangdi Held in Xiandu, China in Renyin Year (2022)

On October 4, the Sacrifice Ceremony to Xuanyuan Huangdi was held in Jinyun County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province. Overseas Chinese, compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and people from all walks of life gathered in Jinyun to pay tribute to Xuanyuan Huangdi, the founder of the Chinese nation.


Jinyun, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, is the only county named after the name of Xuanyuan Huangdi. It is the centre of sacrifice ceremony to Huangdi in southern China and the centre of culture, research and display of the Huangdi culture in southern China. Jinyun Xiandu sacrifice ceremony to Xuanyuan Huangdi began in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, which has been over 1600 years old so far. In 2011, the “Xuanyuan Sacrifice Ceremony in Jinyun” was selected as the third batch of national intangible cultural heritage representative list.


The Sacrifice Ceremony to Huangdi in Jinyun has attracted a large number of overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots to participate in the ceremony, and its appeal has been recognized by all walks of life. The ceremony is held with the Huangdi culture as a link to cast a firm sense of Chinese national community. Holding the ceremony to pay homage to Huangdi is not only an expression of respect for the ancestors, but more importantly, it borrows the past as a model for the present to explore the spiritual connotation and contemporary values contained in the Huangdi culture and facilitate the local development with culture.


Since this year, Jinyun County’s Huangdi culture has received new development. We have held “Hundred of Zhejiang Merchants” and “Hundred of Scholars” to worship Xuanyuan Huangdi and actively try to promote the experience of sacrifice ceremony to Xuanyuan Huangdi. The whole process of Huangdi sacrifice ceremony, cultural dissemination index, cultural research trends, cultural tourist trends are displayed on one screen.

“Driving local development through a ceremony”. Last year, the Sacrifice Ceremony to Huangdi in Xiandu was successfully upgraded and successfully held. Spontaneously, it is obvious that the ceremony directly and indirectly promotes the culture and tourism integration, project investment and so on. On the integration of culture and tourism, we strengthen the application and promotion of the iconic IP of Huangdi culture, launch the study tour and the health tour of Huangdi culture, and form a system of “special culture + tourism industry” to benefit and enrich the native. Accelerate the cultivation of a number of leading enterprises of Huangdi culture, and develop a series of products such as cultural creations derived from Huangdi culture and the “Huangdi’s Internal Canon” for health. At present, more than 90 kinds of cultural and creative products have been developed, such as “bring home the immortal energy” and other themes. Jinyun Yandang has been activated and used to design a series of tourism products called “Twelve Hours Touring the Millennium Grottoes”, which serves as an important platform to show the unique charm of Huangdi culture and further enrich the content of the Southern China Huangdi Culture Exhibition Centre.


As the tourism industry takes into effect, Jinyun biscuits, Xuanyuan yellow tea, Jinyun noodles and other agricultural products industry have grown rapidly relying on the powerful influence and derivative of Huangdi cultural IP. Jinyun biscuits, as a traditional snack in Jinyun County, contain the great energy. Owing to the brand advantage, the production value of Jinyun biscuits reached 2.7 billion yuan in 2021.


The power of culture has motivated the commercial territory to expand. More and more people see Jinyun, enter Jinyun, and take root in Jinyun, and the spirit of Jinyun people who are not afraid of hardship and dare to innovate infects everyone who comes to the city. In the future, Jinyun will embrace a better tomorrow.

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