SageVerse is developing a P2E experience that (finally) puts gaming first

SageVerse is developing a P2E experience that (finally) puts gaming first

The popularity of MMORPGs has dwindled in the past few years, and new games in the genre are finding it tough to make an impact in the market. One of the reasons is the lack of variety in MMORPGs in terms of gameplay and storyline.

Analysts and gamers alike have remarked that the genre has become too saturated, it’s hard to stick through with one. Gacha and reward systems are so common that leisure and professional gamers are slowly shying away from MMORPGs.

SageVerse changes the landscape for MMORPGs

As the first free-to-play martial arts fantasy MetaMMORPG with play-to-earn mechanics, player-owned digital assets, and crypto-based rewards, SageVerse is out to revolutionize how MMORPGs run.

The world of SageVerse is inspired by the two Chinese fictional literature genres Xianxia and Wuxia. Wuxia depicts Ancient China’s warriors and, although highly skilled and possessing superhuman capabilities, these martial artists are still bound by mortality’s limits.

Xianxia is similar to Wuxia but includes “Taoist Cultivators” with supernatural powers and longer lifespans as they raise their “cultivation realm.” As cultivators gain power, they undergo “Heavenly Tribulation” and must gather companions and secure resources to rebel against the heavens, and affirm their dao.

The game blends both genres, which allows for more elements of unlimited creativity and extensive gameplay.

SageVerse L.L.C CEO Ian Gilliam sees a huge opportunity to bring the Chinese martial arts fantasy genre to a wider Western audience. According to him, “Over the last decade, the Anime/Manga industry has been one example of Asian literary styles strongly resonating with Western audiences, and the introduction of Asian culture to Western audiences in all entertainment sectors has proven to be enormously successful.

He adds that the nature of “Wuxia” and “Xianxia”-based light novels creates an ideal environment for MMORPGs.

What makes it different?

SageVerse plays with solid elements of Asian fantasy and martial arts aesthetic while retaining a distinct western cultural essence, and is utilizing the transaction stable and “gas” friendly Polygon Network. The game encourages traditional gamers to venture into Web3 through its clear ROI structure, community collaboration, and a gameplay first mentality, unlike most current Metaverse based Gamefi projects.

According to Gilliam, SageVerse will provide a fun and engaging gaming experience that will keep players hooked for hours and 100% ownership of their hard-earned in-game assets – all while offering an in-game marketplace for them to trade, buy, and sell those assets for real money.

SageVerse values their community

SageVerse players will be able to buy, sell, trade, and earn three in-game currencies, all of which will be dedicated to the P2E ecosystem and game development and maintenance: Gold ($SVG), Jade ($SVJ), and Crystal ($SVC).

They will be tiered and crafted for use at various stages of game development. Each tax structure is designed to feed another higher or lower-tiered currency so that consistent buying and selling of one currency supports the other currencies.

$SVG will be the first in-game token made available to the general public. Proceeds from the buy/sell tax and “SageVerse” marketplace sales will go to the liquidity pool and regular $SVG buybacks and token mints to ensure a robust and sustainable P2E economy. The purpose of “buybacks and mints” is to keep the price of in-game currencies stable. These buybacks will be funded by marketplace revenue.

What’s next?

To provide as many P2E and community engagement opportunities as possible, SageVerse is finalizing a variety of digital assets, the majority of which evolve and can be sold, rented, farmed, won, and traded. SageVerse L.L.C. will retain a 5% commission on all SageVerse aftermarket sales. Artists, charitable organizations, and local or online events will share aftermarket royalties.

Early community supporters, contest winners, and ambassadors will be granted “Murim Jades” for their exclusive membership. Each color represents different rarities and utility levels. To maintain the community’s balance and reward incentives after the initial release, SageVerse will have contests and tournaments rewarding high-level jades and extremely limited seasonal releases of low-level jades.

Aside from the opportunity to invest in a new Web3IP and onboard traditional gamers into Web3, we want to educate gamers and artists of the importance of digital asset ownership in the future of gaming,” says Gilliam.

The founders’ vision is to build a platform for gamers, visual artists, and musicians to collaborate and create digital assets with utility in the SageVerse Universe and beyond, allowing the community to become creators and profit financially from their time and energy invested in SageVerse.

About SageVerse L.L.C

SageVerse L.L.C is an American multimedia and gaming company with strong interests in martial arts, anime, fantasy, Asian philosophy, and mythology. Its roots, however, are planted in Western culture. The company sees an opportunity to serve as a cultural bridge, combining all of the fantastic stories and mythological marvels of Chinese fantasy literature with a writing style and humor familiar to Western audiences.

The game will be free to play on PC, Mac, and the mobile app, and will be available for purchase on consoles in future releases. For more information and updates, visit its official website and white paper, and follow them on Twitter.

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