Saniton Plastic Launches Its Flagship Product: The First Interlocking Plastic Bottle

Saniton Plastic Launches Its Flagship Product: The First Interlocking Plastic Bottle

New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – September 9, 2022) – Saniton Plastic LLC (“Saniton Plastic”) has created the first interlocking design for plastic bottles, with the goal of changing how liquids are shipped around the world and affect the environment. Saniton Plastic, the sole owner of the patented technology, says with the release of its product, it aims to impact a $171.2B global plastic bottle industry that is responsible for 40% of global transport emissions.

“Currently, the bottles of water, soft drinks, and other liquids that you buy are circular in design,” says Saniton Plastic. “Our research has shown that the transportation of these products on ships, trucks, and planes around the globe contributes to 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The question we set out to answer was if we could help to reduce that percentage by introducing a new design for plastic bottles. Our engineers found what we believe is the solution: our interlocking bottle.”

The typical freight pallet, Saniton Plastic explains, contains wasted space between circular plastic bottles. Eliminating that space became key to its efforts to reduce the logistical impact of plastic on the environment.

The company states that its interlocking design means that the bottles now fit tightly together. “Without that extra space, more bottles can fit on the pallet,” says Saniton Plastic. “Now picture that increase across the thousands of pallets that are shipped each day, and you can see the potential impact this can have both on businesses and on our environment.”

The company adds that because each bottle links together with those around it, there is the potential for less usage of shrink wrapping and shipping cartons, as the bottle design itself may help to stabilize pallets.

“What this all translates to for businesses, we believe, is three things: first, there will now be up to 35% more room on a pallet. Second, they can reduce storage and shipping costs by up to 35% per square foot. Third, emissions from logistics could also be reduced by up to 35%,” Saniton Plastic states. “All because we are eliminating that wasted space.”

Saniton Plastic hopes that with the launch of its interlocking bottle, its ultimate goal of reducing the environmental and logistical impact of plastic by 35% around the globe may be realized.

Saniton Plastic LLC is the only plastic bottle manufacturing company in the world with patented technology used to manufacture the interlocking plastic bottle. Founded by CEO Alaa Hattab, the company is reducing the logistical costs of shipping plastic bottles worldwide and is lowering carbon emissions by up to 35%.

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