SISIGAD January 2022 Annual Report: Best SISIGAD Hoverboards in 2021

SISIGAD January 2022 Annual Report: Best SISIGAD Hoverboards in 2021

The SISIGAD annual report has been published on the official website in January 2022. In the report, the SISIGAD A02 was rated as the best SISIGAD hoverboard under $150 in 2021. The following is a detailed introduction to the SISIGAD A02.

SISIGAD A02 Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter is one of the Best Hoverboards in 2021, which features graffiti design and is one of the best hoverboards for the price. The fact that it’s under $150 doesn’t mean it can’t compete with the other hoverboards on this list. Indeed, the price makes it that much more attractive. Additionally, it travels up to nine miles per hour. The self-balancing hoverboard is a great choice for those just starting out.

With the hoverboard’s 6.5-inch high-quality rubber tires, kids will enjoy a smooth ride. Each time a child uses their hoverboard, they will have a safe experience thanks to the non-slip and shock-absorbing pedals.Similar to the Tomoloo Music-Rythmed Hoverboard, this one also comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can easily connect to children’s portable devices. Listening to their favorite music or audiobook will be effortless. As with the other hoverboards on this list, this product also comes with brightly colored LED lighting. Watch children zoom around their new toys at dusk and into the evening.


SISIGAD is a well-known innovative manufacturer and retailer of high-end and middle-end outdoor sports equipment. Their range of hoverboards includes affordable models with or without Bluetooth, off-road style hoverboards and more. Excellent customer support, high-quality, speedy delivery and competitive prices, are the reasons to choose SISIGAD.

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