SKYBC & USchool Launches Aerial Visitation Program For American Schools

SKYBC & USchool Launches Aerial Visitation Program For American Schools

Mu Sun and his partner Dingjian “Dean” Zhang co-founded the SKYBC.IO website as an aerial crowdsourcing platform for American real estate advertising. An experienced technology entrepreneur in the Internet industry, Mu Sun has since evolved this concept into the USchool, a mini-program within WeChat. The applet, formally known as “US High School Drone Visiting School Selection,” helps people view the world remotely.

The pandemic partially blocked flights between China and the United States. As a result, many Chinese students’ plans to visit foreign schools were impacted. Mu Sun and his partner Dean saw a solution in their existing aerial photography work. Through aerial photography of hundreds of American campuses, they offered international students and parents a bird’s-eye view of the school’s facilities and surrounding environment. As an ongoing option, USchool is a viable way to reduce travel expenses, time, and obstacles.

The underlying SKYBC.IO website introduced two innovative goals. The first was fulfilling the connection between “the aerial needs of real estate owners or agents” and “local skilled drone pilots with free time.” The second was launching a “City Partner” recruitment plan wherein a partner can buy out each city on a yearly basis. The accomplishments were measured in the output of templated videos with professional editing and post-production treatment.

Three months after the SKYBC.IO launch, Mu Sun and Zhang completed 1,000+ POI (point of interest) resource materials from 15 cities in Los Angeles. This included producing and delivering housing listings in more than 15 school districts and completing filming and distribution content of a developer’s 58 sets of school apartment resources valued collectively at $5 Million. The duo also achieved the filming, production, and distribution agency for a developer’s winery resorts worth $12 Million.

Mu Sun graduated from a top-ranked Chinese university, focusing on a technical background. He presided over the development of several network security systems and participated in the formulation of national information technology standards. Professionally, he began at Yahoo China before joining Alibaba as the first project manager of the group’s data computing platform.

Based on his mastery of Hadoop technology, Mu Sun ascended quickly to leadership positions after just half a year of dedicated work. He oversaw the official launch of a computing cluster composed of 300 computers in the first version of the Cloud Ladder, which was responsible for the offline data computing of multiple group subsidiaries. In addition, Sun was one of the early developers of the ‘Apsara’ distributed operating system, which is the core foundation of all cloud computing services within Alibaba Cloud (AliCloud). Alibaba Cloud Computing’s revenue exceeded $4.6 Billion in 2019. In the 2021 Gartner Solution Scorecard evaluations, AliCloud achieved the world’s first “Good” rating in “computing, storage, and security.”

The accumulation of experience in the Internet industry has given Mu Sun a wealth of professional knowledge and comprehensive capabilities. Afterward, he focused on technological innovation, investments, and entrepreneurship, all of which have achieved outstanding results.

Within the SKYBC.IO project, Mu Sun found that international students and families pay close attention to school environments. The audience proved to be very large and distinct, so he concentrated on the market of families with study-abroad needs. As the target customers of USchool and SKYBC overlap in many ways, this allowed a streamlining of efforts and finetuning of existing progress. More than 100 schools were available at launch, and one week after the release of USchool, the number of visits exceeded 5,000. The increasing attention from the domestic US higher education industry is yet another point of confidence for Mu Sun.

When asked about the reason for the release of USchool, Mu Sun mentioned that the difference between higher education in the United States and China exists in the individualization of education. The United States will start the shift as early as high school to meet the needs of different students—with many American students focused on a short list of colleges well before graduation. Mu Sun highlighted the emphasis on sports in American schools as an important way to form children’s sense of team spirit.

As Mu Sun’s daughter went to a private high school in the United States, his wish is to create more socially valuable products and services. He hopes his efforts create technology to truly better human life and share a brighter digital future for all.

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