Specialized Pilot Sunglasses Available At Method Seven

Specialized Pilot Sunglasses Available At Method Seven

Santa Cruz, California –

Santa Cruz, CA based Method Seven is offering professional eyewear for pilots and other select industries. Serving commercial, military and general aviation pilots, the company is immensely proud of their products, which are an investment for any individual who spends a great deal of time in the air.

While some may believe that pilot sunglasses of any kind will suffice, the truth is that pilots require purpose-made eyewear that takes their unique work environment into account. Even when pilots aren’t flying west directly into the sun, they are often subject to eye strain during flight as a result of glare off of clouds and bodies of water. In addition to discomfort, harsh light exposure can cause damage to a pilot’s eyes, so it is vital that they take appropriate measures to protect themselves. This is especially notable given that loss of visual acuity due to UV exposure is often irreversible.

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Fortunately, Method Seven has several answers to this problem. The company has long known that performance eyewear has to deliver on two fronts: protect the wearer’s vision as well as not disrupting the use of headsets for communication. The latter of these also requires that the glasses be durable and comfortable, giving the pilot no issues even over long trips and extended shifts.

Pilots who give Method Seven’s aviation glasses a try will quickly find out they offer numerous benefits. For instance, the glasses are designed to protect the eyes against harsh, high altitude sunlight. At altitude, UV radiation increases 2% for every 1,000 foot gain in elevation. Further, merely flying in bright conditions can lead the pilot to experience considerable eye strain and fatigue, which in turn can affect their performance and alertness. Method Seven’s glasses are designed to combat all these issues and more.

Malte V. says in a review for the Ascent Aviator SKY18 Sunglasses, “The glasses are a great choice, not only for pilots. I work at the beach, and with these glasses it is very comfortable. The contrast is amazing, and better than with any other glasses I had before. I had similar priced models from famous brands but none come close.You really forget you’re wearing them. Delivery was also lightning fast. From California to Germany in four and a half days. You get a nice protective case and a soft case. Glad I made the decision to go with Method Seven!”

Here, Method Seven confirms that their glasses are available for delivery around the world, so pilots and other professionals may place their order from any convenient location. Multiple customers have also confirmed that delivery is relatively swift, often taking no more than a few days (even for customers outside the state of California and the US). The company seeks to make it easier for customers to obtain performance eyewear, and a large part of their efforts have gone into making it as simple as possible for international customers to browse, select and purchase the product they like most.

Method Seven points out that product development has also taken into account that pilots fly in a variety of conditions. For instance, while it may be expected that pilots will not need sunglasses in overcast weather, protective eyewear is still necessary since over 90% of damaging UV radiation can penetrate and pass through clouds in even the foggiest conditions. Here, pilots may prefer eyewear with higher Visible Light Transmission (the percentage of light which is transmitted through the lens to the eye). A lens with a higher VLT will allow more light to pass through the lens while still offering complete UV protection. Though the FAA recommends a mid-range VLT, pilots may prefer to have glasses with particular VLTs depending on their usual flight conditions.

Method Seven invites pilots to get in touch if they have any more questions regarding the company’s prescription pilot sunglasses. More details on the company’s manufacturing process, research and each product’s benefits can be found on the official Method Seven website. Alternatively, those interested may connect with Method Seven via social media.


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